Saturday, March 29, 2014


There was an interesting little tidbit, CHRIS KERRIGAN'S email/press release on ◼ Eric's post.
(see, he starts out on a positive note)
The Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign will open its new office headquarters to the public for a Grand Opening Party this Friday(March 28th) at 6:00 PM!

This will be an opportunity for supporters to hear from the Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign, and learn about volunteer opportunities. Chris will be there to speak with guests about how we can move Humboldt County forward together!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Chris and your fellow supporters! Refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to Mitra at or by calling 707-442-2220.

DATE: Friday, March 28
TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
LOCATION: 427 F Street, Suite 213, above the Sewell Gallery in Old Town Eureka.
(Then the tone changes...)
Today’s Times-Standard explains the huge difference in the Board of Supervisors candidates’ fundraising. Incumbent Virginia Bass’s official disclosure brags about her war chest: (BIG LIE #2.)

“…Bass has raised a total of $17.926 since Jan. 1, but she already had a beginning cash balance of $59.035.”

It’s going to take a LOT of effort to match Bass and the big-moneyed interests who want to keep her in power. (Same tired old hate-filled mantra)

That’s where YOU come in. We need supporters like you to help Chris Kerrigan get elected and move Humboldt County forward.
(Forward? We're back to 2004 here)

But we're not done yet:
From Chris Kerrigan:

Thanks to so many of you we have a great start to this campaign. We are moving forward
(did he steal that from MSNBC or Obama?)
at a rapid rate. Last week we officially announced our candidacy
(WE? Is this gollum-speak?)
We had a great crowd of enthusiastic supporters, too. All around town I am constantly getting offers of support and offers to volunteer. I believe it is going to help us build the best grassroots campaign Humboldt County has ever seen!

This election is so important for the future of Humboldt County. Special interests groups (sic) like HUM CPR have taken control (sic) our local politics and have drastically reversed our General Plan.
(That's not true either)
In case you missed it you can read about it in this weeks (sic) North Coast Journal cover story
(as opposed to THIS cover story.)
I have two asks for you this week. First we (there's that "WE" again) are entering this race with ideas, momentum and vision, but we are up against a tremendous amount of big money.
(That's rich given that it was SALZMAN who has made it so expensive to run in this county)
The incumbent has raised over $60,000 prior to use even entering the race!
(Uh, gee weren't you planning to run for Mayor of Eureka, and changed your mind at the last minute, Chris?)
That war chest doesn't scare me however (sic). I know we (there's that WE again) can win because we have beat the big money before - remember when Rex Bohn spent upwards of $150,000 to unseat me on the city council (BIG LIE #1.) and failed!
(Good times, Richard, good times! That was before "I", Chris Kerrigan, not "WE," left my council seat to head off on my quixotic quest to become a big-wig in John Edwards' Presidency)
I need your help to close the gap. Our first campaign financial reporting deadline is tomorrow evening. I am asking you to make a contribution in the next 24 hours. Help us get our POSITIVE message and vision out to the voters!
(POSITIVE VISION? IT'S ALL ANTI, ANTI, ANTI, where's the positive?)
Please make a donation now: redacted

This weekend we moved into our campaign headquarters at 427 street, suite 212 (above the Sewell Gallery). This centrally located office will allow us to gather volunteers, host events, and effectively manage our growing campaign operations. We need help furnishing our office! Tables, desks, computers and phones are all items that would be very much appreciated. If you can help us please contact Mitra Abidi.... Feel free to stop in and visit us, or volunteer to help too. (after hours and weekends the buildings (sic) front door may be locked so call up to Mitra... and she'll come down and open the door.)

I know we can win this race. I need your help to do so. The time has come for a new era in Humboldt County politics. (Utter BS) One where ideas and innovation trump pessimism, and it's not who you are, but what you can contribute to our community that matters
(unless you're Rex Bohn and have helped actually BUILD Ballparks and stuff)
I (oh, it's back to "I") look forward to representing all of you
(well, ok, not ALL of you)
(as Eureka Mayor ooops, I mean...) on the Board of Supervisors. Together, we can move Humboldt County forward! (What fundraising email did he carp that off?)

Chris Kerrigan

What could have been a positive press release from the Kerrigan campaign touting the opening of his Campaign HQ is just more of the WEB OF LIES

Just call it Salzman's 2014 "WEB OF LIES" - THE SEQUEL

Apparently Chris hasn't learned anything in the last 10 years. You'd think he'd have had enough of lying, having been burned last time by one of Salzman's little missives, and then from his experience with failed Presidential candidate John Edwards, who had his own Web Of Lies.


The campaign emails were sent from one of Salzman’s email lists “Redwood Progressive.” Signed by Kerrigan. Who wrote them? They reek of Salzman. And of cut-and-paste mixed with Salzman's own bug-a-boos.

BIG LIE #1.) Rex Bohn DID NOT “spend upwards of $150,000” in his 2004 Eureka City Council campaign against Chris Kerrigan. Maybe Chris/Richard can produce the 460s to back up his vastly overstated claim. The 10-17-04 through 12-31-04 460s show Rex with just over $1,000 more than Chris - REX: $84,863.94 vs. CHRIS: $83,198.90. A very close match.

BIG LIE #2.) Chris'/Richard's second email claims, “Incumbent Virginia Bass official disclosure brags about her war chest” when Virginia was never interviewed by the Times-Standard reporter, nor did she brag. The Times-Standard article merely what was reported on the 460s.
Fourth District
Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass has raised a total of $17,926 since Jan. 1, but she already had a beginning cash balance of $59,035.

The incumbent's monetary contributions totaled $11,596, and her nonmonetary contributions came to $6,330.

Eureka resident Shirley Bass was the top monetary contributor with a $1,000 donation. Virginia Bass received just over 40 monetary contributions this period.

Justin Zabel of Mercer-Fraser Company was the largest nonmonetary contributor with a $900 donation for a load of concrete.

Virginia Bass spent $14,590 in cash, which left her with an ending cash balance of $60,670.
Fourth District supervisor candidate Chris Kerrigan has raised a total of $9,613. He began with a cash balance of zero dollars.

Kerrigan's monetary contributions totaled $7,029 with 29 contributors, and he raised $2,584 in nonmonetary contributions.

Eureka resident Roy Grieshaber, Scotia resident Melvin Kreb, McKinleyville resident Ken Miller and L & A Enterprises President Anne Pierson all tie as Kerrigan's top monetary contributors with $500 donations.

Christina Anastasia, a jewelry designer and creator, was Kerrigan's top nonmonetary contributor with a $1,109 donation for hand-crafted jewelry.

Kerrigan has spent $6,222 of the available cash, and has an overall balance of $1,883.

THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN THESE TWO LIES, HOWEVER. There was no HumCPR back in 2004. The HATE Salzman has predates HumCPR. And he always has to stir up the cauldrons of hate with his emails. He's a one-trick pony with the same tired old hate-filled mantra. No matter what race he's involved in.

CHRIS KERRIGAN SHOULD RUN ON HIS MERITS, IF HE HAS ANY. NOT ON THIS TIRED OLD CAMPAIGN OF LIES AND HATE. He's had 10 years since that 2004 election. During that time his former opponent served his community tirelessly and selflessly as he had done for many years prior. When he finally ran for Supervisor, he was elected on his merit.

Again. Kerrigan sent out what should have been a positive email announcing the opening of his Campaign Headquarters (which is likely to cost a pretty penny, btw)

Why he either chose to - or allowed Salzman to - turn it into a dishonest attack email is something Chris should explain. Is this how it is going to go for the next 68 days? What else is in the pipeline, Chris? What is Salzman - or you - going to make up in the smear game?

BACK IN 2004, THE EUREKA REPORTER SAID: "We, as a community, cannot tolerate a campaign based upon smear, vitriol and name-calling." THE TIMES-STANDARD SAID: "It's about how we choose our elected leaders, and if we're willing to support the politics of personal attack as the nasty new standard in local elections." - THE EUREKA REPORTER called on Kerrigan to 'disavow the outrageous e-mail and dump Salzman as a campaign adviser for writing such scurrilous allegations.'.

That was then. This is NOW.


The Web Of Lies - The Journal 05
MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: Campaign Season 2014 - Matthew Owen//Lost Coast Outpost
Chris Kerrigan Targets Bass In Campaign Launch Speech - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
Chris Kerrigan to Make Run for Supervisor Officially Official Tomorrow - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
Chris Kerrigan Finally Makes Run for Supervisor More or Less Official - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
(AUDIO UPDATE) What Would You Ask Eureka Mayoral Hopeful Chris Kerrigan? - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

Chris Kerrigan and Virginia Bass will be Kevin Hoover’s guests on KHSU’s Thursday Night Talk April 3rd from 7-8 PM. Tune it to KHSU/ and call in with your questions and comments.

I suggest someone ask Chris about this.


  1. Can someone please explain Rose's obsession with this Salzman character? Did he run all of Gallegos successful campaigns? And did Rose volunteer for the challengers? If so, how many campaigns did Rose work on?

  2. All right! The meat and potatoes.

    I'm going to be mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore right after reading this!

    Finally, thanks Rose.

    I will get back to this, but this is a great deal of reading you left us.

    Comments to follow. (perhaps much later as it is a beautiful day out there)

  3. Also, it's "onward" not "forward". I've explained this why this distinction is important, is this the type of analysis I should expect? One that mischaracterizes the truth to fit a meme?

    Or is it that Chris is possibly simply another socialist, marxist fellow traveller like myself and you are doing your best to point that out? *rolls mustache*

  4. What has Kerrigan done for the past 5-6 years? Did he get an advanced degree in something, or go to college? Did he have some kind of important or responsible job? What is his background?

  5. OK, forward, in the wording. But the slogan is "onward".


    a)My mistake. Mea culpa. You are within your rights to use "forward" but why not use "onward" instead as is his slogan? There is a "hate-filled mantra" behind focusing on "forward" FYI and I linked to it. Are you aware of this? Do you believe Glenn has a point on this?

    b) where is big lie #1? Big lie #2 is that Virginia did not brag or is it that Virginia does not have a significant "conflict" chest. Because she does have a strong head start financially as her 460's demonstrate.

    c) "Bass and the big-moneyed interests who want to keep her in power." It's not hate-filled, it's simply true. I can tell you from first hand experience that in those GPU meetings, which Supervisor Bass had said was the biggest concern of hers in 2013(12/13 KINS interview)and changing the service nature of the Planning (and Building) Department is her most significant accomplishment (see kickoff speech). So yes, on the most important issue SVB will face (as she acknowledges) her vision happens to have a great deal of overlap with those of her donors.

    So much in fact when she voted along with the majority in front of the public to "discourage resource conversion", she recanted and gave reasons for doing so that did not make sense. (but just so happened to alleviate the concerns of some of the realtors and others)

    It's very, very, very important to understand this Rose. It's not hate. You'd like it to be because it's then easy to make this an "us vs. them" deal. It's not. It's about policy not emotions. Moving "forward" or is it "onward"....

    c)gollum? - gollum in LOTR was about himself, "my precious" not us. I do consider myself part of Chris' team, it's not about him, it's about us, Chris, his supporters during campaign season, and when he wins, it will be about us, the entire community. Not just special interests. And he will do a better job of balancing growth, property rights and environmental concerns that will help lead to better quality of life now AND into the future.

    d)"That's not true either" yes it is. (your evidence, again comes from 2005 in the Web of Lies article?)

    e) Finally we get big lie #1. I don't know the specifics, what are the actual numbers Rose? How much did Rex spend, is there a reason Chris used the $150K? Is he including PAC's? Did he round up? Or did he make a number up out of whole cloth for effect? We'll see. It's important to you though, so I'll look into it. It seems to be the start (ie LIE #1) of your displeasure with Chris, and not being a partisan, I know it's things like these important "lies" from 2005 that make all the difference in the world to you.

    3) Here is the positive. People like Chris and I and any number of his actual supporters and any number of people in the community - most likely a very large majority (64% by count of the last presidential election) believe in the left of center message that we can have economic growth, living wages, a public sector that believes in planning for the future, a private sector whose interests include sustainable jobs AND profits with living wages, a community that understands that we can't continue to increase our inequity.

    gotta go, more to come.

  6. liberaljon has his dancing shoes on. Once again, faced with facts, you spin. Twirl. Pirouette.

    "Forward" THEIR WORD, Jon. I don't care what Glenn Beck says, it's what THEY are saying. And I'm asking you what Chris Kerrigan/Richard Salzman has done to bring us "FORWARD" when I've just demonstrated to you that THEY are stuck in the past. THEY have not moved 'forward' one iota, have they Jon. BE HONEST FOR ONCE.

    It is a LIE to say Virginia 'brags' about her 460s, Jon. It is a LIE. Pure and simple. A LIE. It doesn't matter if she has more resources amassed, and Chris/Richard are feeling inadequate, it is a LIE to say she bragged.

    It's one thing for you to spout the rhetoric. It is another thing entirely for CHRIS KERRIGAN to put that in his fundraising email.

    If he can't be honest in that simple basic thing... what does that tell you? And that he's repeating his same dishonest tactics shows you he hasn't learned a thing in the past 10 years.

    You're defending people who don't really share your values at all, Jon - if you don't realize Salzman has been on the other side of that spending gap, and is arguable the reason people HAVE TO raise these big sums no in order to protect themselves FROM him.

    YOU have already demonstrated that you have NO knowledge of what has gone on. When given facts you sit back on your heels and then keep spouting nonsense.

    Kerrigan MIGHT be better off without Salzman. But see, Chris isn't running. He's being RUN. By someone who thinks they're both on the ticket.

  7. How come you get to pound LJ flat for his mis-statements, using not only facts but invective, but you delete even mild snark when attached to factual comments pointing out Mr. Chiv's legal and analytical miscues?

    It's your blog, so fine, you can do what you want, but don't pretend you won't tolerate personal attacks. Because you do. As long as they come from you or Chiv.

  8. The anti-Chiv comments thread got intensely personal, and since Blogger doesn't offer a 'edit comments' feature, I deleted the entire stream. Some were mild, like you say, but they were mixed up with replies and other comments that were unacceptable.

    If you have personal issues, you can take it up with Chiv at his blog, or with Jon at his.

    Jon should be learning, but he isn't. Yet he wants to dictate how others should live. That's my frustration with him. But you're right, I should not even bother to respond.

  9. @ 10:40 Anonymous. From my observation there have been personal attacks against Rose since she started this blog.

    Lately towards John Chiv. What some comments have in common is an intense personal dislike of both Rose and Chiv.

    Your opinion of Chiv's writing would be valid but from courthouse gossip I have heard you could be 1 of the 2 lawyers Chiv wrote about and your ego could not handle valid criticism.

    I also think there are people deliberately here accusing Rose and Chiv and that makes me wonder what you all have to hide.

    I know Chiv as an acquaintance and find him civil. I have recently started looking at his blog and I have a different opinion than you.

  10. Please advise me as to one single accomplishment Chris Kerrigan has achieved. If the Salzman left wants to oust Virginia Bass, who is a registered Democrat, you would think they would endorse someone who has accomplishments on their resume. Being caught in the alley with a doctors wife, in a compromising position, isn't a quality I want in my elected officials. Virginia Bass...Democrat...Chris Kerrigan...Democrat...Humboldt County is a majority Democrat community...this isn't a conservative/liberal debate. It is about what these two candidates have done for Humboldt County...Virginia wins this debate by a landslide. Chris...crawl back under the rock you've been hiding under.

  11. Nice. The whole conservative enchilada in one anonymous post. Gotta love it.

  12. liberal job and the entire liberal mantra is do not answer and attack any one asking pertinent questions.

    Where is Chris? If he cannot answer a single question here, then he must have something to hide. Or deny and show proof.

    What has he accomplished to move Humboldt County forward?

    He could always leave HumCo in the middle of this campaign to go work for another national politician who cheats and lies and has affairs. Fits in with Chris' idea of a role model.

    And then come back and years later, run for another office.


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