Sunday, March 23, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Mendocino DA backs Fleming

I had the pleasure of meeting with Maggie Fleming recently at my office here in Ukiah. She outlined for me her vision for positive changes for the Humboldt County district attorney's office, and, in turn, I explained for her some of my policies and programs here in Mendocino County. As the incumbent district attorney of the neighboring county to the south, please accept this letter as my endorsement of Maggie Fleming's candidacy to be Humboldt County's next elected prosecutor.
Beyond just meeting with Ms. Fleming, my due diligence has included reviewing the respecting backgrounds, professional experience, and campaign “promises” of each of the candidates seeking to follow your outgoing DA's tenure. Taking all things into consideration, it was not difficult for me to conclude that the voters of Humboldt County are fortunate to have a woman of Ms. Fleming's integrity and diverse legal experience willing to serve as their elected district attorney. Her prior experience as a successful prosecutor handling violent and difficult cases is simply unmatched by the other candidates. Ms. Fleming's “Guiding Principles,” as posted on her election page, are also on point, and indicative that she is ready to hit the ground running once elected.

I look forward to working collaboratively in the future with Maggie Fleming to promote public safety on both sides of our county line.

C. David Eyster
District Attorney
Mendocino County

Only Fleming will make us proud

I have voted in every election since I moved to Eureka in 1966 with my husband Max. I read about the candidates who are running for office. I learn as much about their plans for public office and the professional philosophies that guide those plans as I can. And I pay close attention to their resumes and experience.
Maggie Fleming has over 25 years of experience as deputy district attorney and as deputy county counsel. She has tried over 120 cases, made hard decisions, successfully prosecuted all types of felonies. She is an outstanding candidate and will make an outstanding district attorney.

In all my voting years, I have seen no other candidate as well prepared for the office. I hope that all voters take the time to examine the resumes of all the candidates for district attorney. There is only one who has the experience, the ability, the nonpartisan temperament to do what must be done -- Maggie Fleming. She will be a district attorney we can all be proud of.

Marge Custis


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