Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letters To The Editor

Arnie Klein good choice for DA - David Nims

Maggie Fleming has the experience - Cate Halliday

Firpo right choice - Renee Ford

Fleming for DA - Dennis Hunter

Educate yourself on DA race - Mark Grimes/Times-Standard

Firpo perfect choice for DA - Sean Balassa/Times-Standard

Arnie Klein has common sense - Robert Barker/Times-Standard

Elan Firpo for DA ends polarization - Michael Evenson/Times-Standard


  1. Interesting comments from a variety of people. But the real standout is Maggie Fleming.

    Not only her experience level but her professionalism and integrity as an officer of the court as well as a person.

    I hope voters will listen, watch, and maybe do a little research before they vote in June. Humboldt County is in serious need of a good DA, a really really good DA. Maggie Fleming is the best choice by far.

  2. Thank you for your comment, 7:40.

    Now, please tell me WHY do you have to be anonymous to leave a nice, positive message like that?

    No one on the planet would get mad at you for that. Why, in a country where you have the gift of freedom of speech, do you not proudly exercise that right? ESPECIALLY to say you support a candidate? If you do, but won't even stand behind your words with your own name - what does that say?

    Sincere question. No snark. Please answer.

  3. Rose, you know better. I was talking to a very well known defense attorney yesterday who strongly supports a candidate, but won't say so because it would not sit well with some of his or her colleagues. Some cities and towns have muzzled their employees. Some employers strongly back some candidates. Finally, there is that element of blogworld that reduces everything to personal attacks. It does not feel safe to lots of people to put their names out there.

  4. Interesting is a word when you do not want to seem negative but a dig at other candidates and their supporters.

    Despite Maggie supporters plastering signs all over and trying to dominate the blog comments, it is clear that there is support for other candidates.

    And various opinions which is why there have been letters for all candidates.

    I will agree with one part of Anonymous's second comment. People do not speak the truth face to face to the candidate or the supporters. And why Anonymous choses not to use his or her name because of the personal attacks.

  5. I know better?

    No. I get that people hide behind that. They don't want to 'upset' their colleagues.

    Well, tough.

    Guess what. I didn't hide - and I have nothing to gain from setting myself up for all the attacks and vitriol that has come with trying to help YOU.

    IF those people had spoken up through all these YEARS, where you have watched this office slide deeper and deeper into the abyss, YOU could have stopped it. At least you could have tried. You could have taken a stand.

    SOME of you are people who have had to live with the results. SOME of you advocate EVERY DAY for other people's rights not to be victims, but you wouldn't stand up for yourself or the others in your office, those same co-workers you don't want to 'upset.'

    I'm sorry, but..... oh brother. What's the point trying to get through to you? Cowardice has its reward. Now that it's safe, some are poking their heads out of the woodwork. And good. It's about time.

    Where the F- have you been?

    1. Oh, Rose, you're so brave. Of course, it's easy to be brave when you have nothing to lose. Suggestion: Get off your high horse, stop living in the past, and quit acting like you're Joan of Arc.
      And no, Maggie doesn't know I'm writing this. My opinions are solely my own. Consider these my parting comments as a sign off from your trollathon.

  6. Not only did Maggie Fleming not do anything to prevent the abyss that has exposed this community to serious danger, but she turned down the number 2 leadership position in 2011, when her supporter Wes Keat retired. She then abandoned the office a few months later to take a cushy County Counsel position. She only got into this race at the behest of others, promises of financial support to the campaign (nothing to the office) and only after the incumbent announced he was not running for re-election. Is this leadership?

    1. And to whom are you unfavorably comparing Maggie? Someone who has been with the office during its "slide" over the past five years and is supported by the perceived architect of the slide? Or two other candidates who also chose to leave the office?

    2. The slide started in 2003....and you too have been part of it. Just collecting a check every two weeks and looking the other way. Thanks. Stop attacking Rose and start looking in the mirror.

  7. Funny that this would be the extent of our communication, Max, after all this time. Oh well. Nice to have met you.

    And, yes, anonymous, I'm culling out your comments - and letting the few that didn't get past the spam filter stay caught where they are, as they don't add to the discussion. Who is or isn't the standard bearer of modern feminism is of no interest to me.

    There's no need to attack Kathleen, or others. Kathleen posted a happy, positive message about a candidate she supports - that is not cause to spill your hatred.

    This race has only just begun - there is NO NEED for it to get negative. None. At. All.

    For crying out loud, you guys

  8. Max's response it far. It stands.

  9. Kudos to the four candidates, They did a SUPER job tonight! All four.

    No matter who you support, you have to be happy.

    It was not all sound bites. It was very real. Well done.

  10. I do not hold with the view that it is automatically virtuous to run for office, nor do I see the point of giving everybody prizes for attending. At one point Mr. Klein explicitly called Ms. Firpo on the Ferrer plea, and said that the autopsy report says that Ferrer stabbed Jordet three times, not once, and one of the wound was a defensive wound to the hand. Ms. Firpo responded with no details, did not address the autopsy report, and called Mr. Klein a liar. Now, one of these people is lying. We won't know which one until the autopsy report is discussed at sentencing. But clearly, someone is lying. Either Ms. Firpo lied to the public when she referred over and over to a single stab wound, or Klein is lying when he says there are several wounds. Someone is making a travesty of the case and of the campaign. So how is that a super job?

  11. What are you saying 922? The voters elected Mr. Gallegos. In a democracy, that means something. Of course, Mr. Gallegos has had more turnover in any one year of his administrations than his predecessors had in total. Leaving is the responsible thing to do, when one cannot serve, one should leave. If the voters don't care, that's on the voters. The whole idea that Mr. Gallegos was somehow facilitated or enabled by anyone but the voters is absurd. His record was an open book. He beat Farmer, who was tired and ill. He beat Dikeman, who was far too gentle and naive ever to have run a proper campaign, and he beat Jackson and Bryson and Hagen. Any one of these people would have done better. The voters did not see it that way. End of story. And remember, Dollison, Klein and Firpo expressly and explicitly endorsed him in 2010.

  12. Maggie supporter your candidate never stood up to Paul. She left. What Klein, Dollison or Firpo did is endorse their boss and they are at will employees. Your candidate announced she would run after Paul said he would not.

    She takes the easy road every time, clocks in, takes her paycheck and now sees a better opportunity.


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