Sunday, March 16, 2014

Elan Firpo has requested Paul Gallegos reassign the Ferrer case; this and more at the Arcata Town Hall meeting today

"I have asked the District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, to reassign the People v. Juan Ferrer case." - John Chiv/Words Worth
"The recent exchanges in the media and misinformed, misguided grandstanding of some of my campaign opponents have mired a very serious and difficult case in politics.

As a prosecutor, I take seriously both the obligation that all matters be handled based on the facts and the rule of law, and that even that appearance of impropriety from political influence be avoided. Justice can only be served at this point if it is disentangled from the political campaign."
This is one of the things Elan will be mentioning to day at a Town Hall meeting today from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm at the Arcata Community Center today. If you have not met Elan, this is a chance for you to talk with her in person...

Élan Firpo: Town Hall in Arcata

WHEN: Sunday, March 16th 2:00 pm.
WHERE: Arcata Community Center Senior Dining Room
321 Community Park Way, Arcata


  1. That's one approach. Or, she could take responsibility for the case she filed, the deal she made and the victims with whom she dealt, and withdraw from the campaign, thus taking politics out of the case. Guess we can see what Ms. Firpo's priorities are. Politics first, cases and victims later. Hmm, maybe she has learned something from PVG.

  2. I think she has done that-taken responsibility. You just refuse to accept her explanation.

  3. @Anonymous 10:59 a.m. I question your motives about wanting Firpo gone from the race. Clearly a personal issue or from one of the candidates or their supporters.

    Hmmm, wonder which? Only certain campaigns have made it their mission to discredit Firpo from the beginning and use the lame Paul or Salzman argument each time.

    What's the problem? Can your candidate not convince voters on his/her own merits?

  4. I'm biting my tongue on that last comment.

  5. If taking responsibility means passing the buck, then, sure, she's taking responsibility.
    She should not be surprised if voters hold her . .. . responsible.

  6. @ Anonymous 3:12 p.m. maybe you should follow Rose's lead.

    Then again maybe you should not. The more you attack her, objective people reading the blog who think for themselves can see only people afraid of her winning would act like you do.

  7. Salzman ?? that says alot

  8. She got her wish, big surprise. PVG will handle it. No doubt with the strictest scrutiny and the highest attention to the victims' rights.

    Just how the family is to have any confidence at this point remains to be seen. Mr. Klein made a lot of noise, then went silent. Maybe he should hand it to Jackson. Meanwhile, how does someone run for DA and not expect their cases to be scrutinized? If you run for president, your actions in office get looked at. Same deal for DA. Whining "it's politics" seems besides the point. Are opponents and voters to ignore what is perceived as poor judgment or poor execution? Do serving candidates get a pass because criticism would be "political"? Well, you run for office, your record is fair game. If good work was done, it will show. If not, crying politics won't help.

    1. Is scrutiny being applied fairly to all candidates?

      There are 3 other candidates for DA.


  9. So, are we to take it he is asking the judge to put aside the plea agreement? For all three defendants? The case goes to trial?

  10. Yes, no need for attacks. Elan is still learning how to prosecute. She will be in good hands when Maggie Fleming wins.

  11. Kathleen Bryson why don't you follow your own advice? You are all over posting for Maggie Fleming.

    Too much time on your hands? Don't you have clients to poach off other attorneys or troll outside the jail for clients?

    Are you not the one rebranding your green prosecutor candidate as now being fair on marijuana?

    Talking about prosecuting, I doubt any candidate running for District Attorney ever made a "double stuffed oreo cookie comment", so work on your own skills because your endorsement is enough to make me pick anyone but Maggie Fleming.

    Rose, I posted a similar comment that is not showing up. Are we picking and chosing which candidate gets support here? And who gets attacked?

    1. Anonymous you too attacked someone in your comment.

      Leave personal stuff out of this and support whoever you want.

  12. I show your comment as having posted on a different thread... and no, I am not picking and choosing which candidate gets support here. Nor who gets attacked.

    In fact it is my hope to help all these people get out of this thing with their souls intact.

  13. Rose your last line is so very true.

  14. No doubt the candidate that gets the support of 9:07 will be so proud. Such insight! Such cogent analysis! Such a grasp of the issues! Rose, you wonder how we got to where we are now?

  15. @ Anonymous 9:43 wow, you can use words like cogent. You must be smarter than the rest of us so clearly who you support must be the right choice.

    Way to deflect the truth from Maggie Fleming who is perfect, right?

    With Bonnie, a 24 year old incumbent who lost, Cliff, I let Mark tell me what to do Clenenden and zealous supporters out shining the light on Maggie Fleming, with the tons of money she has, and let us not forget smart lawyers correcting free speech, Maggie Fleming better win because she has bought this election.

    Arnie Klein is running a grassroots campaign. Allan Dollison put in his own money. You think they have no chance?

  16. 1006, try explaining, using verifiable facts, your allegations about Mr. Dollison's and Ms. Fleming's respective financial stakes in this election. Try to come up with something besides the usual shabby Salzman allegations. Strive for objectivity, rationality, honesty. Eschew obfuscation.

  17. 10:54 no one is obligated to explain anything to another mystery nameless person behind a screen.

    I did not get from the comment above anything negative about Allan Dollison. Why don't you quit bringing up Salzman, an issue that is failing and address some of 10:06 concerns?

    The two campaigns most defensive in their comments that I have read are Fleming and Klein.

    One thinks they got this election won already, the other is a joke. That leaves two candidates, that may not be perfect but worth considering.

  18. No, you are not obligated, but your unwillingness to do so is ... cogent. You have no facts to back you up, and if you want defensive, well, read Ms. Firpo's various comments to the media on the Ferrer plea.

    And if confidence is a bad thing, well then, Hillary is very, very bad.

  19. Dear John
    You are not in charge.
    And never will be.

  20. Dear anonymous, I do not claim to be in charge. I have a right to comment as do you.

    Your obsession in following and tracking me and attacking every comment is cyber stalking needs professional help.

    Counting the seconds before you respond.

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