Thursday, March 13, 2014

“Nothing about the case has changed,” Firpo said, except for the statements by other candidates supposedly representing differing views by family members in the news media. While she could rescind the plea, she said, “It’s not up to the family.”

Ferrer Sentence Becomes A Political Issue In DA Race - Kevin Hoover/Mad River Union


  1. Que? Last week she said if the family wanted a trial she would take it to trial. So her statements have pretty much covered the waterfront. First, she files first degree murder. Then, with no new evidence, no preliminary hearing, no nothing, out of the clear blue she reduces it to involuntary, she says it was an accident and that's what the family wanted. Then, she says oh, sorry, if the family wants a trial I'll ask for a trial. Now, she says it's not up to the family.
    As Mr. Klein has said, Ms. Firpo is what Gallegos has "mentored" and "trained", that's his "Senior" prosecutor. Almost 5 years out of law school, never done a murder case. And what's Neel, then?

  2. I think instead of obsessing on Firpo, maybe you could coach your candidate on not making faces while other candidates talked.

    Is criticizing Firpo and the other candidates all Arnie Klein has to offer?

    The candidate you support yelled and seemed frustrated and responded with "7 or 8 prosecutors" when answering most questions. The others answered specifically about questions asked.

    As District Attorney people skills are necessary. A debate and campaign is not a circus.

    Maggie Fleming, Allan Dollison
    and Elan Firpo were very professional. That quality is experience that does matter.

    After last night's debate, there are three candidates that I will look into further.

  3. Dearest Anonymous who was present at last night's forum,

    The public was not allowed at last nights forum (not debate, big difference). I was not present but saw the recording of it today.
    Your presence means one of three things. Either you are a member of the Humboldt Tea party Patriots, you work for Access Humboldt (the people who filmed the forum), or you were there with one of the candidates.
    I have a feeling you are not a Tea Party member as I had a chance to get some feedback from some of the members and I know the general feeling they took away from last nights forum. I am also going to venture that you do not work for Access Humboldt. That means you were with one of the candidates.
    Clearly not Mr. Klein. So I am forced to the conclusion that your candidate was a bit intimidated by Mr. Klein last night.

  4. Anonymous what I find interesting is that any comment about Mr. Klein has an immediate response by one of his supporters.

    How did you see a recording when Access Humboldt has not aired it yet? I think you were at the debate last night, I think you are a Arnie Klein supporter.

    I read this blog often and I read the newspapers and other blogs. Your candidate Mr. Klein disses every other candidate.

    If Mr. Klein had any chance of winning, he would stop attacking others and people who support other candidates.

    Others have a right to express their opinions. So stop trying to control free speech here.

  5. I would like to hear how it went -

  6. Maggie Fleming ! The best choice, the obvious choice

  7. This race is deplorable! ALL of the candidates and their supporters need be more respectful of each other and the community they are wanting to represent. GROW UP!

  8. Now Ms. Firpo is trying to hand the mess she made off to someone else, blaming politics and, apparently, Mr. Dollison and Mr. Klein. Nothing is her fault, she takes no responsibility for the fact that she made the deal, she published her excuses, she tried her deal in the media, she blamed the victim-- and now she blames "politics". Very classy. And, of course, she is asking to be removed, the DA is not removing her. Just what does the DA do these days?

  9. Do you have a link to that?

  10. I have a funny feeling that anonymous 3/14/14 at 4:24 pm and again at 9:51 pm is either Allan Dollison's new campaign manager Jim Ferguson or someone Jim put up to this. Maggie's team comes across as brighter than this and Elan's come across as less combative....

  11. No, I didn't put anyone up to it and do not post anonymously. Allan made his statement about the plea deal and Elan has been changing her position almost daily. Hope to see you all at the debate on Thursday.


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