Monday, March 24, 2014

With bated breath...

Advice to candidates - the media will have a feeding frenzy. Don't waste your time worrying about who donated to your opponent. What matter is what YOU do, and keeping your own campaign on track. Unless it's your best friend donating to your opponent, it's irrelevant to you.

Some 460s in some not yet - John Chiv/Words Worth

With $61287 in contributions and Carson Park Design being paid $10, 769 - John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. So Rose you are for no accountability?

    Media cannot have a frenzy if there is nothing to feed on.

  2. Rose, since it is difficult or impossible to post on John Chiv's site, John here is a suggestion for you. You get the importance of 460's. Why not put them online? It's really easy - get a copy from the elections office (10 cents each). Then, the quickest thing to do is to go to Kinkos (FedEx) and have them convert the copies to a pdf. (There is an off chance the county can do this)
    Post this on Scribd or a site like it. This is also simple and just requires establishing and account and uploading. Here is an example of what I did.* Virginia's 460 has had about 250 hits, Ryan's about 150.

    It's a public service and this way the public can see for themselves who is giving and they can decided for themselves why and what the contributions mean to the public process if anything.

    I will pay you back for any the copy expenses and do the rest of the leg work for you if you will just provide the copies from Elections. But only for the Supervisors race 460's.


  3. Liberal Jon, it is not difficult to post on my site. I do not allow anonymous comments. You use your real name so that should not be an issue.

    I do moderate comments. You and I disagree but you are respectful.

    As for the 460s, Jon why don't you post the Supervisor 460s on your blog? Don't tell me what to post or write about on my blog.

    I post what the readership wants and right now the DA's race is what they want.

  4. The above comment is me John Chiv.

  5. I don't allow anons, but I post as one. hypocritical much?

  6. John, not telling you what to do, asking you to work with me to help do a public service someone in the media should be doing. I just can't make it to the County Elections - ever as I work the exact same hours as them. I don't like blogger and don't want to sign up for the google-verse.
    I don't know how to post pdfs on a blog. The Scribd account is basically an offshoot of my blog - it's where I post documents.

    And I did post the 460's when I could.

    I'll do it again, find a friend or family member who will help out. I just thought I'd try you first since you are the few who have paid attention to the 460s. (To include now Thadeous G. who did a bang-up job using 460 info for his GPU cover story in the NCJ)

  7. Jon, you have a good point. Time is one of the reasons I have not done the above.

    The other reason Jon is that people need to get involved and start researching and educating themselves.

    And getting involved. If people want solutions, they need to sacrifice and not expect you or me or the media to do all the work.

    We may have different views but we make the time to go attend and get information directly.

    While not everyone can make meetings, when people do not make any effort, they should not complain about results.

    Congratulations on your new job.

  8. Must not be much in the 460s. The usual contingent is unusually silent.

  9. thanks jc.
    this contingent is silent because he hasn't had a chance to see them yet.

    also, is there a problem with disclosure Rose. That's one thing I don't get. If we are agreed (which we are not) that money=speech how can anyone argue against disclosing who is donating?

  10. Oh, GOOD GOD! Jon. NO. there is nothing wrong with disclosure.

    The point of my post was that the CANDIDATES SHOULD NOT WASTE THEIR TIME agonizing over the other guy's 460s. Stay focused on your own race, your own message, your own things that need doing, like getting your signs out, prepping for debates, and the like.

    Take notice, realize you need to raise money, and get your fundraisers going, but don't descend into this madness.

    Is that clear enough? Where would you get the idea I don't think there's a need for disclosure?

    But I do call out the hypocrites who jump up and down about HumCPR who had no problemo with big SoHum bucks and big casino money for THEIR candidates. LIke good ol' Sylvia, who blows the trumpet every other day, crying about influence when she vociferously supported the one candidate who actually DID his backers bidding, all the way up to the State Supreme Court, Jon - think, Jon, think. Do you understand?

  11. Yes, and hi, John Chiv (with and H) not Liberal Jon without. You analyzed what Arnie $ mean and what Maggie's $$$ money meant but what about what Allan and Elan's $$ meant? Not criticism just curiosity as I too do not have the time to go to H & Harris to get a 460.
    And now Liberal Jon without an H. I like what you say. It is so true.. some of us have 9 to 5 jobs. I happen to have an 8 to 8 job six days a week but that is my choice. lol
    I am a workaholic. On Saturdays I relax and walk door to door for the most integrity we've seen like...ever. Maggie the Fleming with one M. (-:

  12. Hi Kathleen, fair question. There is not much to analyze with Elan and Allan. Numbers are straightforward, local donations.

    I do know you are busy and sometimes do read my blog. With Arnie he has endorsements from friends, no real funds and should have stepped out while back. I explained my reasons on the blog couple times.

    Maggie what more can I say. Kathleen, I appreciate that even though we are supporting different candidates, you have been respectful. Wish more discussions like that.

    You know me well enough to know when I support a candidate, I support my candidate whole heartedly.

  13. I wish they would post these online. Or the elections office was downtown.


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