Sunday, March 30, 2014

Keeping up with the questions at LoCo Elections

I have to admit, I can't. But here's an update:

LoCOElections has questions, contact info and most recent press releases...

Most recent responses:

Sharon Latour on ◼ Dispensaries and growing regulations
Sharon Latour on ◼ Electricity tax
Sharon Latour on ◼ Do you think it's important to label GMO's?
Allan Dollison on ◼ Recidivism

Most recent questions:

Eureka Waterfront Cafe Proposals (for Chris Kerrigan, Virginia Bass)
215 (for Chris Kerrigan)
Death Penalty (for Allan Dollison, Arnie Klein, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming)
McKinleyville expansion (for Ryan Sundberg, Sharon Latour)

Click on the candidate's name to go to LoCoElections and see all the questions each candidate has answered:
Allan Dollison
7 questions answered.
12 questions asked.

Arnie Klein
6 questions answered.
13 questions asked.

Elan Firpo
5 questions answered.
15 questions asked.

Maggie Fleming
7 questions answered.
16 questions asked.
Fourth District Supervisor

Chris Kerrigan
2 questions answered.
11+1 questions asked.
◼ Yes. I tried it out: Claims in your fundraising letter

Virginia Bass
0 questions answered.
9 questions asked.
Fifth District Supervisor

Ryan Sundberg
0 questions answered.
9 questions asked.

Sharon Latour
7 questions answered.
9 questions asked.
State Senate

Mike McGuire
0 questions answered.
1 questions asked.
State Assembly

Jim Wood
0 questions answered.
1 questions asked.
U.S. Congress

Jared Huffman
0 questions answered.
2 questions asked.


  1. There's answers, and there's answers that aren't.

    From the Firpo section:
    You’ve made your administrative experience a centerpiece of your campaign; does it consist solely of your 5 years, 7 months with Applied Magnetics in the 1990s?
    — Concerned voter

    Elan Firpo
    No.Definitely not. I will respond more fully when I have time.

    concerned voter • 6 days ago
    Then why was it the only non-legal work experience listed on your recently deleted LinledIn profile? Please "make the time", since it's been such a big part of your vague campaign pitch.

    raydrnayshon • 2 days ago
    So, concerned voter has been waiting 4 days. The Linkedin Profile you deleted said you left Applied Magnetics in 1998, the year the company's stock tanked and it laid off half its employees. Were you laid off or did you quit?

  2. I suspect "concerned voter" is more likely someone from another campaign. Never the less, Elan is hoping to get back to these late in the week or this weekend. She's been putting in 10 hour plus days at work and has meetings or events scheduled every evening. She has also received many written questions from other organizations. The Mad River Union just sent an impressive list of questions for their publication.


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