Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paul Gallegos gets continuance in defense request to dismiss Warren case

From Chiv's COURT BEAT:

There were supposed to be oral arguments in the Jason Warren case today. - John Chiv/Words Worth

...Defense filed a motion to dismiss certain counts. Judge John Feeney presiding in Courtroom 1, Kevin Robinson representing Jason Warren and District Attorney Paul Gallegos is prosecuting the case.

Today oral arguments were supposed to be heard on a 995 Motion. A California Penal Code 995 motion is a request for the judge to dismiss one or more counts of the complaint. A motion to dismiss can be filed after a preliminary hearing on a felony case.

The defense was requesting that counts 2, 3 and 4 be dismissed. Mr. Gallegos asked the court to review all exhibits in the case before the 995 hearing and making a decision. Judge Feeney agreed and granted Mr. Gallegos' request. The defense and Warren submitted on the continuance.

The oral arguments will be heard on March 27 at 3 p.m.

Another high-profile case, David Anderson with Luke Brownfield for the People and Ben McLaughlin for the defense. Anderson was arraigned on complaints filed on March 11, 2104. This case was re-filed....

Courtroom 1 was the happening courtroom to be in today with Paul Gallegos, Patrik Griego, Ben McLaughlin, Allan Dollison, Glenn Brown and few others all in the same afternoon. Sort of a star-studded attorney line-up. The Littlefield case was also on calendar today, which is being prosecuted by Mr. Gallegos.

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It's been a busy week:
Miller and Arriaga appointed counsel, future dates set, Miller was suspect held for mental health evaluation - John Chiv/Words Worth
Misty Dawn Miller and Brian Anthony Arriaga were in court today were appointed counsel. Judge John Feeney presiding in Courtroom 1. Luke Brownfield for the People....

Both requested a Bail OR hearing which is on March 19; Intervention on March 24 and Preliminary hearing on March 27. Same court dates for both.
As the wheel of justice slowly turns in Humboldt: Borgner court update - John Chiv/Words Worth
...Lance Borgner had Kaleb Cockrum from Conflict Counsel appointed for two more cases with charges filed by District Attorney on March 11. Judge Feeney presiding in Courtroom 1. Luke Brownfield for the People.

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