Thursday, March 20, 2014

DA Candidates At Arcata Community Center, On KHSU For Thursday Night Talk


ARCATA COMMUNITY CENTER – District Attorney candidates Allan Dollison, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming and Arnie Klein will appear at a Candidate Forum tonight, Thursday, March 20 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Arcata Community Center Senior Room.

The forum is sponsored by the Mad River Union, Arcata Police Association, KHSU 90.5 FM and the Arcata High School Pepperbox. The forum will be broadcast live on KHSU 90.5 FM.

Phone in your questions for the candidates at (707) 822-2020.

Really excellent job, Kevin Hoover, and all of the candidates.


Takeaway from last night's (March 20) DA Candidate's Forum
Candidates Clash At DA Forum


  1. I do not hold with the view that it is automatically virtuous to run for office, nor do I see the point of giving everybody prizes for attending. At one point Mr. Klein explicitly called Ms. Firpo on the Ferrer plea, and said that the autopsy report says that Ferrer stabbed Jordet three times, not once, and one of the wound was a defensive wound to the hand. Ms. Firpo responded with no details, did not address the autopsy report, and called Mr. Klein a liar. Now, one of these people is lying. We won't know which one until the autopsy report is discussed at sentencing. But clearly, someone is lying. Either Ms. Firpo lied to the public when she referred over and over to a single stab wound, or Klein is lying when he says there are several wounds. Someone is making a travesty of the case and of the campaign. So how is that a super job?

  2. Mr. Dollison's campaign has finally figured out how to vote, and vote again, in the T/S online poll. Up til yesterday it was just the Firpo/Fleming teams voting over and over, but all of a sudden Dollison has joined the 700 club, overnight. Mr. Klein either meant it when he said he was computer illiterate, or is not playing the "dump cookies, vote again" game.

  3. Well Arnie Klein may not know how to useca computer but his supporters do. Is his girlfriend, the major supporter of his campaign, paying someone to monitor the blogs all day long?

    Arnie Klein is a joke. While your allegation of voting over and over is one possibility, maybe as a Klein supporter you need to face the fact that Arnie Klein maybe funny or that is what he thinks but his entire platform is the same two or three issues repeated again and again.

    He has attacked every other opponent. Arnie except for his half a dozen supporters, mostly his friends, is not respected by his peers. Even some of his friends maybe abandoning the sinking ship.

    He took solutions offered at the Wharfinger forum and passed them on as his own about nigh time releases.

    The TS poll may not be scientific but it is the reality Arnie Klein should face. I am fed up of the personal attacks Arnie Klein has made regarding all the other opponents. I hope he keeps his attacks up because by June, the people in Humboldt will have elected one of the other three candidates and we can hope for change Arnie Klein talks about but cannot deliver.

  4. I watched the first debate and attended the debate last night.

    I was not impressed with Arnie Klein.

  5. I heard 1 candidate, Arnie Klein attack others, I heard others offer solutions and a platform.

    Reading media coverage and watching debates, does Arnie Klein have an original thought or a strategy other than attacking his opponents?

    The Times Standard poll may be correct in reflecting how Arnie Klein comes across.

  6. Sounds interesting, sorry I missed it.

    Yes, the T/S poll is a joke. for entertainment purposes only.

  7. At the debate last night I was shown a copy of the autopsy report. It does exist and it does show three wounds.

  8. So we have a DA and his hand picked successor who have lied from day one about the wounds to the victim. Lied in the press. Lied in court. Lied to the victims. The coroner's office who said nothing in the face of these lies. Arcata Police said nothing . Local media that says nothing. Well, they've certainly given Mr. Klein a lot to work with, and if nothing else, he's a showman. Should be an amusing show. Also tragic, pathetic, and profoundly disturbing.

  9. Anonymous, you are right about Arnie Klein, he is a showman.

    All show, all smoke and mirrors, no substance. And no real platform except putting down others.

    Except for drawing penis like pictures for jurors, ask him about that. Yeah Arnie Klein is a class act.

    Could he even afford the filing fee or to run if it was not for his rich dr. girlfriend?

  10. Well, according to Mr. Ferguson Mr. Klein has some substance this time. The autopsy report showing three wounds.

  11. Anonymous, is Mr. Klein coaching you what to write on the computer? Are you the guy on his facebook page while he is typing?

    Give up the broken record. Your candidate has nothing to offer.

  12. Really? Anyone catch Klein lying to judges, victims and the public lately? Honesty, in what is said and what is not said, is a good quality to start with. So, honesty. Experience. So right there, Klein 2; Firpo, ZERO.

  13. You did not answer the question. You responded with an attack on Firpo.

    How much is your candidate being paid to represent the family he is so concerned about? Free press at the cost of a vulnerable family.

    Cannot get endorsements, cannot raise funds unless his girlfriend pays the bills, cannot answer questions without attacking Firpo or Dollison or Fleming.

    Zero is what your candidate has to offer, zero is the money he cannot raise unless he or his girlfriend cough it up, zero is lack of endorsements he has, zero is his campaign platform.

    And nothing you say can make your candidate change his chances of winning, which are, zero.

  14. If Firpo had done her job, or at least been honest, the family would not have needed an honest, experienced, savvy lawyer-- but fortunately, one was available.

  15. Klein team just loves to keep repeating how savvy their candidate is, hoping saying it over and over some how will make it true.

    If you people put half the effort in campaigning that you do blogging, your candidate may...NAH
    still lose.

  16. I am not "team Klein" but all these comments about his rich doctor girlfriend are just too much.
    The woman is a pediatrician at Open Door Clinic. Last I checked, no doctor there is getting paid enough to be considered rich.
    These comments sound very petty and personal.

  17. Do you personally know her bank balance? Just because she works at Open Door does not mean she may not have personal money.

    She was the biggest contributor on his last 460s. Second contributor Klein himself. 1 local donor. Check that, it is facts.

    Let us see what the next round of 460s shows.

    Why are these remarks more personal than the similar ones attacking Maggie Fleming and her supporters, Elan Firpo and her supporters, or Allan Dollison.

    When she contributes to his campaign, it is public record. Unlike the Klein team throwing out whatever they can to get attention.

    You are a Klein supporter or friend. How do you know she is a pediatrician at Open Door if you are not "team Klein".

    Other candidates also have people who support and care about them and the 1 candidate that has been completely negative is Klein. Don't hear you calling him out on his petty and personal words.

    Klein is now using a family's vulnerability to get publicity for his campaign. Who wants that kind of man for a District Attorney.

  18. I suppose it never occurred to you that I know her. Do you automatically support the spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends of everyone you know? I was simply pointing out a fact.

  19. I know her. She's an awesome and wonderful person.

  20. Breaking News: Document found showing local doctor to care about community! Will seek plea bargain and prison realignment program. This corruption must stop! We can't have community leaders donating money to political causes, especially not pediatricians at an open door clinic! What was she thinking, what a horrible person she must be to work with underprivileged children everyday, right? (all sarcasm)


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