Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another busy court calendar...

From Chiv's COURT BEAT:

Local realtor Randy Cook sentenced to 270 days in County jail and led away in cuffs - John Chiv/Words Worth
It should have been a slam dunk and he could have gotten away but some justice did prevail today for Randall Miles Cook's present victim, his own 7 year old grandaughter. And perhaps some closure for the victims that never got their day in court. There have been allegations before and whispers in the community and many reasons other victims did not get to tell their story....

This case is being prosecuted by DDA Kelly Neel. The defendant is being represented by Michael Robinson and Judge Marilyn Miles presiding in Courtroom 2.
Elmy Workman sentencing postponed again. - John Chiv/Words Worth
Judge Feeney presiding in Courtroom1. Jason Sheets (instead of Luke Brownfield just today) for the People. Neal Sanders for the defendant, Elmy Workman. Allison Jackson, for the victim, Angela Pitts who she is representing pro-bono in this case.

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