Friday, March 28, 2014

"Still, if you don’t run candidates, you’re certain to lose." Eric Kirk

Kerrigan HQ Opening - SoHum Parlance

There it is again.

It's not someone just deciding to run for office. It's two candidates who have been 'put up.' Somebody 'running' them, like it's a stable. Kept candidates. "Salzman's stables?"

Because. Developers.

And what's Kerrigan been doing since his quixotic John Edwards quest? To move America Eureka FORWARD!?

Out of the hot tub and into the race. Good little pony!



  1. That's one of the meme's Rose. Puppet masters. (ie "put up")

    There are not more sincere people I know in local politics than Sharon and Chris (outside possibly Linda A). This is where the partisan divide between you and I is demonstrated. As much as you are going to diminish Sharon and Chris and favor Ryan and Virgina through the next couple of months, I'm not sure if you will admit to yourself or your readers you have a preference. And if you do, why.

    In the end, the reasons why you have a preference is because you believe in the conservative policies of Ryan and Virgina. Policies such as minimizing regulations and fees that builders and property owners have to face because of property rights concerns and because you and yours beleive less regulations means a freer and more vibrant economy.

    While property rights issues are something we will fundamentally disagree on because of fundamentally different priorities (you might frame it as individual rights, I'd frame it as the public's right and need to plan for the future), the argument about an improved economy by allowing more laise-faire growth is simply wrong. And that is going to be one of Chris and Sharon's main tasks, to beat back this false narrative about no growthers and environmentalism being anti-jobs.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. A green-blue alliance is our future and it will mean real jobs that last. Not service jobs which force families to survive only if subsidized by us in the form of health care and nutritional supplements, etc.

    So, no, it's not because "developers". It's because, for one, we want to "protect agriculture and timberland for the long term". Something Virginia and Ryan voted to modify out of effectiveness. Something which lead to their recently admitted disasterous decision to send the GPU back to the PC. Guess what, even they would agree Supervisor Lovelace had that vote right. I wonder why? As Eric said, maybe it is because they have competition now. A rightfully partisan competition no matter how bad conservatives and Republicans will try to say local elections are not partisan.

    Onward Rose.

    Forward is the dog whistle Glenn Beck likes to slime the Muslim Socialist President Obama with.

  2. You're going to like my next post, Jon. You're going to get to dance all over the place explaining away the ongoing Web Of Lies.

    Get ready.

  3. Rose, this is why I think you're an investigative reporter. You spot the shenanigans of our local horde of Proggies and enviros, all attracted to Humboldt County thinking it's prime ground, old logging families out of work, HSU and pot bringing in tons of naive young people to emotionally exploit, and to climb their organizational ladders of influence, e.g., LibJon, at the bottom Proggie rungs sorta like working in the mail room of HCDCC and motor-mouthing his way up on blogs by repeating the Prog anti-business (unless its environmental ambulance chasing) anti-development mantras over and over in his comments, and of course, Eric Kirk, Salzman's and other nefarious, can't be seen in public, Proggie manipulator's "moderator" front man.

    I do appreciate your keeping us informed, Rose.

  4. Here's how to spot Proggie political manipulation of community comments going on by Judy Hodgson over at her NCJ rag--she's taken her own "I'm still worried" editorial off the front links now, you have to dig for it, because I'm commenting on it.

    "Hot debate going on this topic, folks, so Judy has to take it down, her own "I'm still worried" editorial off the front page NCJ links now, lest more political damage be done to enviro and Progressive rural legends.

    Let's see if Judy censors my comments about this now that I've pointed out how she removes unwanted criticism from readers eyes.

  5. Bear in mind, Judy is my friend. I know you guys have your differences, having worked with her, I have utmost respect for her. Sometime, when you have a couple hours, I can explain why. We don't agree on everything, not by a long shot, as our separate stances on this issue make very clear.

  6. Jon, you have a lot of nerve supporting increased fees when you don't even know the first thing about all things monetary, witness your shockingly ignorant question about auction items and campaign fundraising.

    But get your dancing shoes on, bud. There's more coming.

  7. I dunno, Rose, to me she's consistent as Humboldt County's most manipulative editor of community news. Why hasn't she reported our Heartlands Lifeline Inter-Tribal Lottery Project to this community? It not only smacks of personal attack on me because of political differences as I am organizing this project, it also reeks of discrimination against local Native Americans while hypocritically exploiting Native American news that can be spun into a weapon against local politicians.

    You may have your reasons for liking Judy but I don't. Don't see how two hours would change what I've reported above about her editorial style.

  8. I just checked the NCJ site and my latest comment which should have bumped Judy's "I'm still worried" editorial response comments to the front page list of most comments. But do you see it there? Or do you again have to dig for it? If I were an anti-Arkley, anti-the Prog political/corporate target du jeur commenter I think you'd see the front page list bumped with a newly posted comment.

  9. Judy should obviously get her butt and her crew out of bed and scotch their Sharon Latour Sunday school lessons and go to NCJ offices and make things right for me. It's only fair.

    I've waited 19 years for that there rag to say anything about my and Don's beloved save real human lives economic salvation for non-casino NAs as well as tribes better off plus the new Good Cause, Disaster Relief? I mean, wtf!

    We're working, four people, directly with the Oglala Lakotas and beginning relationships with Table Bluff Wiyots and Seminole Tribe of Florida, plus always doing the Leonard Bowman Ghost Dance with Bear River until perhaps the end of today's Bear River tribal election. We keep Estelle up to date every other week now. Richard Marks knows our plans..but does the community?

    Yes, we'll eventually hit the T-S when either Bear River or Table Bluff officially joins on board the inter-tribal lottery system but in our community, our kind of project would be one of interest to the readers of the Northcoast Journal, a not your ordinary type of economic development project and one benefiting literally thousands of people. Plus all Green and eco-community FRONT LINE NEWS to boot! Again, WTF? I'm calling God right now!

    ....................oh Sharon? Are you up?

  10. Editors make decisions like that all the time. While it may be frustrating, it is their decision, their paper/news source.

    It doesn't do any good to be mad about it. But there's plenty of 'new media' now for getting your message out, from blogs, to Facebook to Twitter, where you can keep people updated every day.

  11. Rose, go look at today's NCJ and see "the most commented"

    My old comment of Trees of Mars ranks above any mention of the running comment war going on on her I'm still worried editorial. The NCJ is supposed to be a community newspaper but Judy's turned it into a slander and libel hit piece political weapon she and fellow Progs use to attack their political opponents. I don't want to have to start my own NCJ or Times-Standard just to get my complaint into main community news venues. That's absurd, who has the time or desire except paid political activists to keep up with community news? Or others with incomes covered to devote to such work?

    We rely on our community newspapers to give us community news that's not going to end up giving us false information that leads to bad decision-making.

  12. Nobody cares Stephen

  13. And isn't that a shame. I invented an educational video game for kids called The Environment of Truth and used forest symbolism to demonstrate in principle what happens when information is deliberately manipulated to produce a deliberate response from a community deliberately misled. The point of the game was to show that things go haywire in the community when it's sources of information aren't giving it accurate information but information that been spun into virtual garbage for the purpose it was originally intended for-keeping the community abreast of things, information so edited for political reasons as to be worthless for anyone to use as telling the community what's really going on. The T-S is still pretty much foreign territory for me while I'm familiar with the NCJ editor for years. So I pick on her like the brute I am what only wants responsibility and ethics at the helm of the community's main sources of community information. Plus I have a natural inherent genetic instinct to hate editors as every writer does.

  14. Wholly Moses Stephen, NOBODY CARES!!

  15. NOBODY speaks up, the good TROLL that it is. Good for you, NOBODY. It's good to see that even anonymous trolls lurking beneath local blogs do care. Now, the question is, what are you going to do to show that you care about accurate community news reporting. I suggest you send Judy a comment or two about how much you care about Stephen's concern for non-politicized community news reporting.

  16. The age-old answer, whether it's newspapers, TV stations, radio shows, or blogs, is to start your own.

    Then, you have to do what has to be done to get it up and running and into the mainstream, somehow.

    Along the way, you make decisions that win foes, no matter what side you're on, and people don't share the same definition of what 'non-political' is.

    In this current day and age, it seems that EVERYTHING is now political. Nothing is unscathed in this polarized world.

    Just keep working on your own project(s) and don't worry about what they're doing with theirs.


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