Thursday, March 27, 2014

Question(s) for DA Candidates

By now you've/they've been through a couple of formal Debate/Forums, plus a few forums, neighborhood meet and greets, and discussions/interviews with reporters.

What do you think of the questions that've been asked so far?

What's the most important question? Your favorite question? The worst question? The most important questions that HASN'T been asked?

The questions - and the answers help the people understand the issues and make a decision when it comes time to vote.

Answer here, or feel free to answer privately.

And BTW: ◼ Allan Dollison's on KHSU Tonight with Eric Kirk
The third in the series of four interviews with the DA candidates on KHSU – 7:00 p.m. tonight. Will be a call-in format as usual. ◼ LISTEN LIVE ONLINE

(Eric's) already interviewed Elan Firpo and Arnie Klein. You can listen to those interviews and last week’s candidate forum at the Arcata Community Center on the ◼ KHSU archives. (He'll) be interviewing Maggie Fleming on April 24.
Eric's also "What are your questions? Post them here, and if you can’t call in tonight (Eric)’ll ask them for you."

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