Monday, March 03, 2014

It certainly is funny to see the discussion turn

Where once people denied there were any problems in the DA's Office, or pretended that everything was fine and Paul was the most competent DA ever - now, all the discussion is on how in the world you're going to fix what's wrong.

Is it even possible? How long will it take? How are you going to attract new - much less seasoned/experienced - prosecutors to rebuild the office? Will you restore the CAST Program? The importance of a good working relationship between law enforcement and the DA's Office.

So many questions.

And no more bullshit.


  1. Oh Rose, still trying to figure out how to fill in your daily calendar without watching Paul?

    1. She had a raging hard on for the guy. I've said it for years. Her being sexually repressed does not help the situation....

    2. Has a raging hard on...sorry

    3. Salzshit don't you have candidates to train?

  2. Humboldt County does have CAST, I thought.

  3. Except for the "bullshit" of using words like "evil" and "dastardly" to describe other professions whose job performance or outcome you might disagree with.

    I know, I know, it doesn't matter, what matters is _____. Fine, but please, going forward, don't give me grief for being partisan if you aren't going to call out others that polarize to an extreme way past anything I do.

  4. So many anonymous LOSER's

    It will be difficult to build the da's office up after what PVG has done (or not done)


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