Friday, March 14, 2014

FBI Most Wanted Domestic Terrorist

The FBI's decade-long hunt for a suspected environmental terrorist believed to have bombed two buildings in California has narrowed to Honolulu, where authorities are aggressively advertising a $250,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Daniel Andreas San Diego, 36, a Berkeley, Calif.,-born hard-core vegan and self-styled "animal liberationist," is believed to have headed a domestic terror cell that bombed a California biotech corporation in August 2003, then set off a nail bomb a month later at a nutritional products corporation in the state....

They think he's in Hawaii, but, since we've hosted Bill Ayers, what are the odds, maybe he's in Humboldt... Have you seen this tattoo?


  1. Hi non-partisan Rose!

    This is Liberal Jon.

    We are agreed. Do crime, to time. If this jerk blew things up, he should be caught, convicted and punished to the full extent of the law.

    However, lets play a game and see if we can see the partisanship in the paragraph I'm going to assume you copied and pasted.

    Andreas, 36, Berkeley, hard-core vegan, self-styled, animal liberationist, domestic terror cell.

    Do you see what I see? Not yet?

    Add "Bill Ayers".

    Rose, I think this post is as much about politics as it is putting a criminal in jail. Do you disagree?

    Again, I emphasize, any person guilty of bombing is a criminal and needs to be put in jail. However, being from Berkeley or a hard-core vegan, etc. is not yet a crime.

    Just saying. When partisanship comes up as an issue again, I hope you see that you may be colored by it too. The differences between us are both a) our political philosophies, but also b)how up-front we can be about our politics and how they affect how we vote and what we care about.

    Update, I thought to follow the link as it is never really clear from your blog format what is your content and what is not. The link is of course from the fair and balanced branch of the media. Duh. I should have known.

    Partisan Rose. We are all partisan, every election is partisan, even if we call it otherwise. The question is not if we can speak civically without partisanship, but if we can speak civically civilly.

    I think this post was an example of conflating liberalness with crime and as such is actually the opposite of "fair and balanced". I think it is unfair and demonstrates the imbalance of reporting news based on politics.

    Yes, Rose, I'm sure we can find examples of the left doing this too. I'm just saying you do too.

  2. Dear Partisan Jon. The descriptive words you chose are the words of the author describing the domestic terrorist.

    The common thread between him and Ayers is - what? You say liberalism. If the shoe fits, wear it, buddy. The common thread is bombing and plotting to bomb and kill people. I could throw Coronado into the mix, too, He threatened one of your neighbors, Jon. Do you care?

  3. Do I care, yes. Someone commits a crime, try him/her (usually him) and put him/her in jail.

    I don't know if you've listened to right wing radio, but Bill Ayers is a boogeyman used to slime the left. So no, the common thread isn't liberalism, though it does exist, the common thread is the political/partisan meme/trick of using criminals to slime a political philosophy.

    What does being a vegan or being from Berkeley or being young or, you know, have to do with anything? Why is it part of the story. Why add Bill Ayers? What is the connection? Bombers? Liberal? Should I play that game to - I could, but I won't, because it is out of bounds. At least in my opinion.

    That's the kind of partisanship I wholeheartedly agree does NOT belong in local politics.

    There is crime and there is politics, lets not conflate the two. There are good (and bad) people and deeds on both sides of the spectrum (yes "both" incase Fred Mangels reads these comments).

  4. No, Jon. Bill Ayers is a criminal. "Guilty as sin, free as a bird"

    ...Leader of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group of the 1960s and '70s

    ...“Kill all the rich people. ... Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.”

    ...Participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972

    ...He further recalls his fascination with the fact that "a good bomb" could render even "big buildings and wide streets ... fragile and destructible," leaving behind a "majestic scene" of utter destruction.

    ...All told, Ayers and the Weather Underground were responsible for 30 bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructures of the U.S. "I don't regret setting bombs," said Ayers in 2001, "I feel we didn't do enough."

    Those are facts, Jon, much as you'd like to excuse them for YOUR partisan reasons. It has nothing whatsoever to do with 'right wing radio' unless that is that they're the only ones who will tell you the truth.

    Again. Are you also going to excuse the Boston Bombers?

    This is why, despite the fact that I think you are well-intentioned and a nice, if deluded guy, I have absolutely zero respect for your opinion.

    You don't understand the connection between two bombers in hiding? Really? One hid out here. Maybe the other one is here now.

  5. I have no interest in Bill Ayers. If he committed crimes, put him in jail. If we can't there are probably reasons we can't. Perhaps it is a lack of evidence.

    There are many people I think should be in jail. Among them possibly people very high up in the previous administration that allowed us to go to war at a huge cost in blood and treasure, not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqui lives for _____ reason. Also, many associated with Wall Street and the crash of 2008. I'm not going to spend too much if any time worrying about any of that though, and I'm certainly not going to blame you, Rose as a Republican or conservative for any of it. Or say things like the Doctor Tiller's killer was a hard core meat eater, was from a red state, etc. with all that that implies.

    Those Rose are crimes and should be prosecuted as such. There should be zero or as close to zero overspill into local politics on these issues as possible.

    And again, if it's not possible Rose, my point is this... you are partisan, your opinions and actions are biased. That is NOT a bad thing, in fact it demonstrates an interest in politics and civics and I would strongly argue it is a good thing.

    On the Boston Bombers. .

    My thoughts. Heinous is too kind a word. Stupid, idiotic criminals. Put them in jail for life.

    (I'm assuming by Boston Bombers you mean the Marathon bombers, sorry, been too busy with work to keep up with all the stuff we are supposed to be scared about)

    Good on you Rose for being civic minded and publicizing a fugitive. If he is in the area and you do want support, I'd suggest not quoting something as slanted as the FOX blurb. You might lose 64% of HumCo's audience (those that voted left in the last Presidential Election).

  6. Yeah. Ok. I'll stick with DemocracyNow! and HuffingtonPost. Is that on the approved reading list?

    Here's what the Huffington Post says about your pal... "San Diego has ties to animal rights extremist groups and is a vegan who doesn't eat food containing animal products, according to the FBI.

    He also has unusual tattoos, the FBI says, including a round image of burning hillsides on his chest with the words "It only takes a spark" written below. The sides of his abdomen and back have images of burning and collapsing buildings."

    Does it occur to you that those descriptives MIGHT help people ID the guy?

    How about wikipedia? "Because of the unique nature of the tattoos, San Diego may be reluctant to remove his shirt, even in situations where it is the norm.

    At the time of his disappearance, San Diego ate neither meat nor any food containing animal products. The FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) assessed if he has maintained this discipline, people around him may notice that he avoids consuming or wearing anything made with animal products.

    Several years of living as a wanted fugitive may have forced San Diego to engage in secretive behavior. BAU believes this deception may affect other areas of his life, to include being vague or contradictory about his past history, routinely using prepaid cell phones or calling cards, or often changing his e-mail address."

  7. And let's not forget Rodney Coronado, another Humboldt favorite, a bomber excused and coddled by Gallegos supporters for threatening people's lives, doing God's work as it were.

    "in January 2003, Coronado demonstrated for a crowd of college radicals the “correct” way to build a firebomb out of household materials."

    Again, Kinda like the Tsarnaev brothers.

    Now, what source shall I cite, Jon? The ones that call him a hero?

    I think not.

    (In case you missed it, the common tie is BOMBS, HIDING OUT... not Berkeley.)

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