Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lack of manpower. "The office has had to establish priorities and standards that determine which crimes to prosecute."

Suspect in Mendo deputy's killing released from Oregon jail; lack of evidence, manpower resulted in no charges - AP via Times-Standard

Chaney, 32, had been arrested March 6 by Eugene police, who suspected he had a stolen cellphone and stopped his car for traffic violations. They found several guns in the vehicle, including a rifle that appeared to be illegally modified. They also found body armor and methamphetamine. Chaney was released the same day.

”The March 6 charges against Chaney were not filed because they fell below the current triage standards and involved no violence or threat of violence,” Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner said in a statement....

Officials in the district attorney's office repeated last week that they do not have funding to employ enough prosecutors to pursue the simplest drug possession cases, The Register-Guard reported. The office has had to establish priorities and standards that determine which crimes to prosecute.

Details of events in deputy's death released by Mendocino Sheriff's Office - Times-Standard
Slain deputy's memorial service on Wednesday; suspect found dead with 2 gunshot wounds - Ukiah Daily Journal staff report

You're hearing a lot about the lack of manpower in our DA's Office during this election. It is a problem and has been a problem for a long time. This is why it matters.


  1. i hope someone does a little more digging and see how many possession of marijuana cases they charged in the county up there. seeing how possession of meth wasnt enough to charge someone for lack of man power. So they must not have charged anyone with marijuanna offenses if they say lack of man power wasnt enough to charge this guy for math

  2. Modified AR, body armor and meth? Not charging this guy isn't a lack of manpower, it's a lack of judgment.


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