Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chiv's Court Beat: A lighter note

Bryson win 1 and Brownfield win 1 and Judge Feeney adding humor to a packed day - John Chiv/Words Worth

◼ But it's not all light: Arriaga case dismissed, Miller gets a bit of reprieve, Miller's hubby tries to physically block me in effort to intimidate - John Chiv/Words Worth

◼ Related: Attempted burglary arrest results in mental health evaluation - John Chiv/Words Worth
On 03-12-2014 at about 2350 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence located in the 1700 block of Quaker Street, Eureka, regarding a residential burglary alarm. When deputies arrived on scene they saw a male and female suspect inside of the residence through a bedroom window. Deputies then detained both of those suspects as they exited the residence. Both of the suspects were carrying items in their hands.

The two suspects were identified as Misty Dawn Miller age 29 and Brian Anthony Arriaga age 33. Deputies were able to contact the owner of the residence, who confirmed that they did not know both of the suspects and they did not have their permission to be in the residence....
Burglary Suspect Held for Mental Health Evaluation - Lost Coast Outpost
When Deputies spoke to Miller about entering the residence she admitted that she had, because she was looking for her daughter and heard her daughter’s voice coming from inside the residence. After speaking to Miller further, deputies determined that Miller was having mental health issues.
Eureka burglary suspects arrested - Times-Standard (h/t: anon :))


  1. Ok, case dismissed for lack of evidence against the guy who [ admittedly, per the times standard] was seen in the victim's house, caught coming out of the house with the victim's stuff, and the victim said the guy had no business in the house?
    There's a bit more to this story.

  2. Anonymous what is another media link prove?


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