Friday, March 28, 2014


Warren case written ruling on 995 motion to dismiss decision on April 9
I feel bad for the families of the victims who have come to court twice to hear the decision on this motion.
In Warren case oral arguments, Robinson goes off on wierd analogy of Malaysian aircraft
Day 2 Bryson goes to bat for Crossland again
EPD says it is not worth it....
(Not worth it) to text and drive during April. Does not matter if you are easy on the eyes or think you are funny and can talk your way out of a ticket, April will be zero tolerance month for you smart phone addicts!
Assault on victim in Willow Creek aggravating victim's medical condition
Vincent Sanchez arrested in double murder homicide on Harris
- John Chiv/Words Worth


  1. Boy. I can't go away and leave you guys home alone, can I?

    What the hell?

    Anyyyyyyyway------- I just deleted a whole slough of very personal comments that are better hashed out, if hash out you must, at Chiv's link. That discussion just doesn't belong here.

    Is it a full moon?

  2. Very sorry Rose. I don't Chiv but I just found it funny that he had to come to your site to get his updates. Won't happen again,unless you give me to go ahead!

  3. I should teach a class on blogging for elected officials.

  4. Rose do trolls need a full moon?

    I just want to thank you for all the information and links you put here. I like when you have different links on a story.

    Will you be changing your blog name when Paul is no longer DA?

  5. Thank you Rose for your non-biased reporting. I know you will give everyone a balanced report unlike several other blogs and papers. How about a training session on how bloggers can be more professional? I don't know, it seems that many folks like me, feel a need to defend those who become the target of comments that are absolute lies. Suggestions?

  6. Mike Losey there is a difference between defending what you believe and in that process attacking someone else's efforts to get out the truth. And when personal remarks are made, it becomes a free for all.

    Others may report what you think is biased but some may think you have a bias because they see it differently.

    Ask yourself if you can let someone else have an opinion different from yours.

  7. Ok, the camel's nose is under the tent.
    My response: you don't know Losey.

    This all arose from a slur on a man whom Losey, in essence, opposed for his entire professional career. But Losey rose in defense of that man, an honorable professional who, while a supreme pain in the ass, is highly competent- thoughtful, tactical, clever, versed in the law. To have that man smeared out of ignorance or spite was not right.

  8. Anon 12:03 thank you for your comments. Obviously, you also know Kevin very well. It is difficult to say nothing when the uninformed spout untruths about very talented and honorable people. I did however, get carried away with my rants on Chiv. Easy to do when it comes to him.

  9. Mike Losey do you know Chiv personally? I read all the blogs. I do not know you or John Chiv or Kevin Robinson.

    I am not taking any side but Mike Losey and others, you have attacked and continue to bring up John Chiv in a personal way in almost every post here. Chiv has opinions, and is free to state them.

    You seem obsessed with your personal opinion of Chiv to the point you all comment on every post here about John Chiv. Follow Rose's advice.

    Just as you Mike Losey may be upset by Chiv saying something, or others about what Chiv says, Chiv and people who know Chiv could say the same.

    So smears may have been conducted by all or not. At least Mike Losey, Liberal Jon, John Chiv and Rose post in their own names.

    And Mike Losey I respect that you admit you get carried away in your rants. As do all of the people mentioned above sometimes.

    So now can we get back to the topic of the post. A death penalty case. How do you feel about the death penalty?

  10. Mike Losey. It's called PR. Public Relations. If you wouldn't put it in a press release, as an elected official, you ought not type it here.

    It's fine to say."I disagree, I think KR is the finest attorney ever to walk the planet." Reasonable people can hold differing opinions, and you can defend your friend, simple, and effective.

  11. Mike Losey you supported Cliff in the last election. He lost.

    In that election you wanted to use personal information against Cliff's opponent. So your opinion to me means nothing. That campaign tactic is an automatic turnoff.

    I was leaning towards Maggie Fleming. I am not any more. So you may want to heed Rose's advice.

  12. Judging a candidate by the past actions of supporters, even assuming one's information is accurate, is of course something everyone is free to do. Whether or not it makes sense is an issue on which reasonable minds may differ. Whether one loves Losey, Clendenon, Taylor, Ferguson, Sundberg, Duncan, or whoever needn't, perhaps shouldn't decide how to choose a candidate. How others choose is, well, their choice. Hitler liked dogs. I'm still keeping my dog.

  13. Anonymous Mike Losey is a present supporter of a candidate, not past.

    Nice try to say information may be accurate. There have been present actions that have received very little scrutiny.

    Yes reasonable minds should differ.

    However, this post is not about Mike Losey or any one else so why is it anonymous that you are commenting on a issue you think is not relevant.

    Perhaps, because you have nothing to contribute to the actual topic of the post which is the criminal justice system and certain cases, one which is high profile and involved innocent victims.

  14. Oh, you're one of those. Never mind.

  15. Yes one of those who can spot a troll who needs a fix or an anonymous with an agenda who cannot respond with facts.

    Waiting for you to comment again because you just have to, can't let it go, can ya.

  16. Anon 3:51 you can say what you want, like you were going to vote this way or that, but without a name to go with your words, it means absolutely nothing. Just continue with Anon, nobody gives any weight to your words so just continue! Oh I would debate you on the Criminal Justice System but you have taken a total u-turn on the original topic.

  17. Mike Losey you just do not know when to quit.

    Quite an ego and your buttons are so easy to push.

    And when a fact is presented, you respond with a personal attack.

    You are quite entertaining. Keep up the good work Mike, Maggie's opponents thank you.

  18. There is nothing the candidates fear more than . . . anonymous comments about how an anonymous person is going to vote because of the anonymous opinions of anonymous people. So weighty! So influential! It's like the old Smith Barney ads. Well, my blogger is anonymous, and anonymous says [ insert whatever you want, no one cares].
    Hail to you Rose, Losey and Chiv, you'v got more guts than I do.

    1. Anonymous, I include you in those that are gutsy because it is certain people who have made it so that many people who used their names now feel they have to be anonymous.

      So Rose or myself or any one else using our names is a good thing but I wish more people felt safe using their names.

  19. Well said, anonymous. And i TRULY wish I could convince you that you are safe using your name. Ask Fred, ask Eric Kirk, Julie Timmons and any number of other people who DO use their name.

    We have the gift of free speech in this country. I do not understand why so few people are willing to use it as proud, free people, but resort to hiding in the shadows.

    Using your name actually - usually - results in a more reasoned discussion. And who knows, you might find you even make friends with some you disagree with, or who disagree with you.

    I join you in commending Mike Losey for using his name. He's taken some flack (as do we all), but it does elevate the discussion.

    1. Rose, I commend any one who uses their real name. That includes you, Max Cardoza, Eric Kirk to name a few.

      Election season in the last few years has become a sling fest. It used to be more civil.

      So since certain people feel more comfortable commenting here than talking to me directly, I will extend this 1 time offer of truce especially to Max and Mike Losey.

      We can agree to support our candidates, sometimes we may feel the need to defend our friend and candidate but let us be civil and not personal.

      So Max and Mike, I apologize for getting carried away sometimes. I understand why you did too. Shall we move on from this point to civil discussion.

      Also Max and Mike, I have known Maggie for a while. She has been most gracious even now. And I talked to her before, I do see her now, and after this election, I will still talk to her.

  20. just to be pedantic

    flack= shill, promoter
    flak , from the german
    FLugzeug Abwehr Kanone, aircraft defence cannon= invective, abuse, hate


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