Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Arnie Klein Announces New Direction for Campaign

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  1. Arnie's great but he could never beat Maggie in a run off.
    She'd run circles around him.

    1. We shall see! Arnie has a much more diverse background, which means he will be better able to relate to and represent the interests of a wide variety of constituents. Maggie is an Irish-Catholic prosecutor, and that's about it. Will the People of Humboldt County settle for that?

    2. So, what is it about an "Irish-Catholic" prosecutor that you find objectionable? The Irish? The Catholic? The prosecutor?

    3. Where did you read that I object to the Irish or Catholic? That is not what I said! In fact, I find nothing especially objectionable about either, and of course having background as a prosecutor is certainly a plus, as the DA is the chief prosecutor for the county.

      My point was that those qualities - and yes, Irishness and Catholicness are qualities (why else would Bryson support Maggie over her present and former suite-mate and true mentor?) - represent the sum total of what Maggie has to offer this county. And in case you didn't notice, this isn't Ireland.

  2. Anonymous there are 4 candidates in this race.
    No one can predict who will end up winning the top 2 in June or if there will be a clear winner.

    So I would not be all cocky assuming it is a race between Maggie and someone else.

  3. And now your views on the President, the Attorney General, and Hillary Clinton.

    Oh, and that rich Irish guy, Joe Biden. Or Kerry. Whatever. And De Blasio.
    And Cuomo (pick one). And any Kennedy.

    And for extra "credit" please explain how Mr. Klein's background is "more diverse" than anyone else's?

    1. Look at his resume. Duh.

  4. I am with anonymous who commented at 5:34 p.m.

    You want to support Klein that is fine. Saying he is more diverse than others is a bit of stretch.

    To bring Maggie Fleming's religion in or Kathleen Bryson's religion is a low blow.

    Klein talks a good game but so far based on the way his supporters act and his non-campaign, I would not be bragging about victory.

    1. Bragging? Geez, you guys are really good at inserting words and messages that aren't there. And so, so sensitive!

  5. His resume? Where he is in college (for seven years)
    or law school from 1960 to 1971? Well dodged, sir, well dodged.

  6. @ Anonymous 3:56. Bryson is supporting Maggie because of a secret deal that they have hatched wherein Bryson will become the next ADA replacing Kelly Neel. If Maggie were to leave office early because of a Judgeship opening, then Bryson will become the DA. Then everyone will want Paul Gallegos back.

  7. 11:17. And they call ME a conspiracy theorist. LOL

  8. Hi, Kathleen Bryson here.
    Wow! It is so much fun to not run for office yet still be important enough to have anonymous people making wild accusations about me. It warms my heart.
    However, I suppose we need to deal with reality at some point...so why not now?
    Kelly Neel possesses the requisite skills to be ADA. She follows up, communicates well, and knows the law. Sadly, I do not have the experience with felony prosecution to begin to fill her shoes. I have experience on the defense side, which is not the same.
    I also do not really want to take the necessary pay cut to re-enter the DA's office...at any position. Becoming thee DA would be a pay cut for me. So, this conspiracy theory really does not work for me...on a practical level.
    Right now, I have a daughter in college and another one on the way to college. They need my financial support.
    I also have many clients who rely on me to help them navigate the criminal courts. Many of them I hope will move on from their addictions which landed them in my office (or in the jail) in the first place.
    Only Maggie has the talent and the heart to make our county better. I gave her a laminant of my sister who passed away March 9, 2013 because of her meth use. These were only given to close friends and family members at our sister's funeral. I gave one to Maggie so that she would know why she was campaigning so hard and why someone with her class and dignity was throwing herself into the political mire of the DA's race.
    Any more questions regarding why I am supporting her can be directed to me via email. In the meantime, enjoy the great weather and have a great day!

  9. Let us all play this secret deal game. How about Arnie Klein and and deal he may have made with two of his friends, District Attorney investigator Tom Cooke and former employee Jeannie Duncan?

    And maybe Allan Dollison made a deal with unicorns?

    And maybe Elan Firpo made a deal with elves?

    We have 4 candidates, each will benefit in some way.

  10. How about this: All four recognize the serious problems making it virtually impossible for justice to prevail in this county - and all four want to fix it, and believe they can.

    I know, wild, isn't it?

  11. Rose, excellent response.


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