Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introducing LoCo Elections. YOU grill the candidates!

Outpost Election Central! Your Election Season Just Got LoCO.

The Lost Coast Outpost hereby declares election season officially open in Humboldt County.

And with this declaration we introduce a special Outpost subsite: LoCOElections. Yes! LoCOElections has quite a few cool features, but mainly it serves as the place where you, the Lost Coast Outpost reader/contributor/citizen journalist/community member, put your questions directly to the candidates in all the major races facing Humboldt County.

And what’s more, the candidates will respond! Or at least some of them will. We haven’t yet floated this by absolutely everyone, but all the candidates we’ve contacted have been moderately to extremely enthusiastic about participating in this, a new experiment in Humboldt County electioneering. (Note to candidates: Drop me a line at hank@lostcoastoutpost.com or 786-5104 and I will set you up with login credentials).

Check the LoCOElections main page, there. You’ll find, for the moment, a list of all candidates in major races.

- - questions bumped to new post.

It's an interesting concept in a WorldWideWrestling kind of way. You grill the candidates. We'll see how it works.

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