Tuesday, March 11, 2014

William Duane Hillegeist denied release due to public safety concerns

Judge Feeney said that while he acknowledges that Hillegeist is a permanent resident and is sorry to hear about medical hardships, that supervised release request and releasing Hillegeist on his own recognizance was denied due to the following reasons.... - John Chiv/Words Worth

...the new charges included possession of a controlled substance, new offenses were
committed while Hillegeist was out on OR bail
and that Judge Feeney had concerns for public safety.

...Judge John Feeney presiding, Jason Sheets for the People and Public Defender Meagan O'Connell for the defendant.

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From the comments: ernie branscomb
Is anyone getting tired of these people being turned back loose? He will probably end up killing someone before they put him away for a couple of years.
McKinleyville Man Arrested With Pot, Meth & Heroin - Mad River Union

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