Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letters To The Editor: Arnie Klein good choice for DA

Letter To The Editor - Times-Standard

Last Friday I worked my final day as a deputy DA in Humboldt County, and am moving to be closer to family. It's been an honor to serve the people of this county and to represent the people of California in court. In terms of the office I'm leaving behind, each DA candidate has correctly identified two key problems: there are not enough attorneys, and there is a lack of experience among current DDAs. However, with new leadership, a budget for enough attorneys to manage the massive caseload, and an increased emphasis on training and mentoring the young attorneys who are here, the DA's office could quickly be in a much better position to enforce the law and protect the community.
When I became a prosecutor, Arnie Klein was always willing to discuss cases with new attorneys like me. He would show us where to look in the evidence code or in a legal treatise, for the answer to a tricky legal question. Sometimes he would explain a particular trial technique, then played the role of a witness while I practiced asking my questions, stopping to give pointers. Arnie seemed invested in our futures as new prosecutors, sharing his years of experience on both sides of the aisle through hands-on mentorship. I think the people of Humboldt County would be well served electing someone with Arnie's experience, ability, and willingness to train newer prosecutors.

David Nims

Remember: David Nims is the latest prosecutor we have lost.


  1. I watched the recent debate with all four, on the access channel last night. I know Arnie Klien, he is a likeable guy but ! It appears to me that most of his campaign is nothing more than putting on a show.

    Another Deputy DA gone, way to go Paul

  2. Hear!Hear Anonymous. Thumbs up to your comment.


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