Thursday, July 05, 2007


I'll be resubmitting my Public Records Act Request for the Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) information. In my conversation with Chief Investigator Mike Hislop, I was under the impression that he agreed that the agendas, minutes and sign in sheets for CAST meetings were certainly not "evidentiary" in nature, as Gallegos has claimed. And I have waited. But, the documents have not been delivered.


Round Two
What is there to hide?
Public Records Act Request
Gallegos puts Jeffrey "" Schwartz in charge of CAST
A matter of priorities
ER - Former deputy DA speaks out
ER - Candidates spar over child abuse team
ER - DA's Office yet to respond to request for child abuse records
ER - CAST established with child victims in mind
ER - CAST needs support Gallegos is not providing


  1. What are your options if they fail to provide the documents or fail to do so in a timely manner?

    And who are they chidding, mose of that information is just a couple key strokes and a staple.

  2. I say sue them and get a permanent injunction that they have to follow.

  3. Do Paul and his minions believe that providing information is descretionary? Does he not understand that he has a LEGAL obligation to provide the information requested?

    He and Cheney have a lot in common.

    Sue the b@#&*%d

  4. Cheney and PVG have on thing in common ...... male pattern baldness

  5. Didn't you become a bit concerned when speaking with the "Dummy Attorney" and you had to spell C-A-S-T for him?

  6. Posted this comment in a thread below,I'll repost it here again because it fits well here too.Rose isn't asking for anything unreasonable here,no reason to not deliver what she's asking for.

    The government isn't serving its people,locally and nationally.The government is now being run solely by special interests,and sorry I can't see any good in that.Whether it's Paul Gallegos doing it,or George Bush,it doesn't matter,we all lose.The government is property of the people,not vice versa.I don't like the system now because it's not benefiting its people who pay for it.

  7. How many days and no ruling on the Cheri Moore shooting ? 450, 451, 456, 460 ???

    How long will PVG get away with it?

  8. Justice for all. Hilarity for some.

  9. Justice is all but dead in humboldt. Now it is only the special interests and pot growers that wield power thanks to the idiot who calls himself the DA aka Gallegos.

    What a joke and what a shame.

  10. Justice for all, vacations for Paul.

  11. Rose - you are never going to get this information without suing for it.

    Justice for none is PVG's new motto!

  12. Justice for one
    when vacation's done
    Just fine for Paul
    too bad for y'all


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