Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"You can call or email me anytime, and I will meet with you..."

Again, this is excerpted from Lisa LaDeRoute's CourtTV Message Board. It chronicles her quest for justice in the death of her sister. To date, she cannot get an answer from Paul Gallegos as to whether or not her sister's case will ever be adjudicated.

I remember this debate (Gallegos and Dikeman on KHSU), and I remember the call. It seemed to be one of those staged to give Gallegos the advantage as he so artfully took advantage of it. But apparently it was not staged at all:

06-02-2006 Finally confronted DA and Deputy DA
Dear Readers, just thought I would share; last night they had a debate aired on a local radio talk show; not thinking that I would actually get a chance to ask a question, I went ahead and made the call anyway.

This is what I sent to a friend afterward:

I am still shaking from all the adrenaline, I tell you. I taped the show, and I even turned the tape over when it look like it was getting to close to the end, but I'm shaking so bad, when I tried to rewind it to play it for Sandy I couldn't get it to work.

It went something like this:

"Well, uh, (as soon as they said, you're on the air) So I said, I'm the sister of a homicide case, and the facilitator said, wait, we don't...........

And I said, "It's ok I won't give any specific information, about the case, then I said, I sent a letter to Worth oh about a year or so, and I'm still waiting for a response, which is why I've taken such drastic measures to make this call."

You could feel the air went really still, so I jumped in, and said, "In 1980 charges were filed against a suspect, the DA said that charges would be refiled, but not immediately, so my question is will charges ever be refiled, and if not will the family ever receive Andrea's remains.

The facilitator said, "I'm not sure we can ask that question, but I think I'll address it to Paul, unless you prefer Mr. Dikeman respond first."

Oh, my gosh, for just a moment, I felt like a little kid making a bully be accountable it was wonderful! I answered probably with too much enjoyment in my voice, and very matter of factly, "Oh, I think I'd like Worth to respond first, I'd like him to tell me why he hasn't responded to my letter yet." Oh it was a moment, I'll never forget.

Worth responded with, "Lisa I know that Mike Losey for the District Attorney's homicide case has spoken to you." (Completely dismissed my letter, or his accountability).

Then Worth says "I only have one active homicide case, and I don't know what ever happened after it was reassigned to someone else."

Anyway, the facilitator started to direct the question to Paul, and he just jumped in and said, "Lisa, haven't you and I talked?" And I said, "Yes, and I really appreciated you meeting with me and my family, he started to say something, and I was still talking, and I continued with "You were the only one that would give me the time of day".

Paul, paused for a moment, as to absorb as much of that PR as he could. Then he relaxed a bit, and said, "I know it's been a while since we spoke, but you can email me, do you have email access? (He knows I do) I said, "Yes" so Paul proceeds to give me his personal email address, and says "You can call or email me anytime, and I will meet with you, I recall now that there was an issue about your sisters' remains, but call and I'll schedule an appointment."

Then the facilitator immediately followed that last word, and said, "Ok, thank you Lisa, we'll take the next caller."

Oh, my gosh, I was shaking so bad, I know it wasn't nerves, because I really felt for the very first time, that I was as confident as I could be about anything, and I had the opportunity to finally confront them. All I know is for those brief seconds, I was basking in the moment, for all the sunshine I could.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, even though nothing was actually addressed, the true colors are beginning to shine through.

And this time they shined right through a radio, for all the listeners to come to their own conclusions.


06-18-2006 Deadfall

Well, I don't know why I should be surprised! I mean I took Mr. Gallegos up on his offer, I emailed him right after the radio show, when he said to contact him by email, and he would schedule a time to meet with me.

I emailed him read receipt, and I know he recieved my email the next day. A couple days later Mr. Gallegos won the DA election.

Wanting to make sure that Mr. Gallegos actually received my email, I printed a copy and mailed it to him personally certified return receipt. I received the receipt more than a week ago. Here it is now 6-18, and I still have not received a response to my email, which simply stated let me know when you will be available and I will work around your schedule to review Andrea's case. I did mention however, that I wanted to make sure he had a chance to review the case, so that we didn't repeat the same meeting we had in Oct. 2003, where he stated he wasn't familiar with the case.

So in my email I just said, lets go ahead and schedule a meeting at his earliest convenience, and hopefully by then he will have had a chance to get familiar with the case.

I guess that was asking to much, I just don't understand!

The good news is I just ordered several copies of the book "Deadfall" and I should receive them by Tuesday 6-20.


I'm not sure what I expect from the book, if anything, but somehow I feel blessed that the story will finally be exposed!

Thank You Everyone for all your well wishes and continued support through out this past year, for that I will always be grateful!



07-09-2006 No Subject
Well, another 4th of July come and gone already, hard to believe that it's been 23 years since Terry Lynn was murdered, bless her heart. Terry Lynn, Angh's and I grew up together, she was always protecting us, since she was so much bigger than most of the kids in school. Funny though, everyone was afraid of her and not only did she have a heart of gold, but she had the most gentle spirit of most people I've known.

Though Terry Lynn was found many years after she disappeared, they too only recovered her skull, her murderer was never apprehended.

I think this afternoon, I'll stop by and see her family. I've stayed in contact with her little sister, Lorri, throughout the years. It's sad but true, we have a pretty odd commonality that has kept us bonded throughout the years.

I'm curious to hear if anyone has read the book, what they think of it. I like to think that no news is good news, but my curiousity, gets the best of me sometimes.

And for any of you, who have been following, remember that email that I later sent by certified mail to the District Attorney recently, at his own invitation? Well, it's been well over a month now, since he's received both of my requests, to schedule a time to meet, like he said he would do on the live radio debate; and of course, I haven't heard a peep from the District Attorney's office.

I just don't get it! Why would someone string me on like that after all these years, and to get my hopes up that he really wanted to sit down and meet with me again, and to even go so far as to invite me to contact him on live radio, during a public debate, and then absolutely shut the door in my face, that's just unforgivable!

Ok, I've vented enough for one day!

Take Care!


P.S. does anyone know anything about that unexpected Hero award, I'd really like to find out. I have a Hero in mind, "Harris" who really derserves the award!

7-23-2006 Well it's Affirmative!
Well, it's affirmative, that District Attorney had no intention of meeting with me as he stated he would do so on the live radio debate. It's now been over 6 weeks since I submitted my email request, as he instructed me to do; and of course to be sure he got it, I even sent it certified mail. But as usual I received absolutely no response, not even an acknowledgement, accept for the card that was returned documenting that my letter had been received.

I tell you, each time this situation repeats itself, where they tell me one thing and do another, or just completely ignore me, it's just another slap in the face, or rather another punch in the stomach.

I guess they, meaning the D.A.'s office, don't think I've suffered enough. Why else would they just keep making false promises? Do they really believe that I will just go away, without making them accountable? Huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If they believe that then they are the ones who are being naive.

On a more positive note, I found on the web page about a week ago that "Deadfall" was rated 7 of Walmarts top ten new releases. That was real exciting, until I realized that's just Walmart's ranking. But still that's a good sign, I think.

Some of the people who have read the book have approached me about a petition, and to be honest, I haven't any idea how to go about circulating or developing a petition. Unfortunately, Kent seems to be too busy.

Does anyone else have any ideas, or good sources, i.e. links on how to develop? I'd be very appreciative for any suggestions at this point.

Thank you for your continued support

10-11-2006 I'm mad as Heck!
Hi Amenia,

You are very insightful, that's a special gift that not many people realize they have.

But you know just over a week ago, my husband and I attended a public gathering, honoring a public official who had just passed away, and to my surprise Paul Gallegos was there.

But what I still can't get over, is that this guy, Gallegos, went out of his way a few times, to let me know he was there, but not once did he approach me to even attempt to explain why he has not responded to my last letter, in which he publically requested that I send.

At one point, I actually had to walk around him, so not to bump into him, even though there was at least 2 feet distance all the way around him, if I didn't move in a different direction, I'm sure I would have stepped on his shoe, maybe I should have.

We had discussed approaching him, asside from the fact that we didn't want to make a big spectacle at a memorial service, if Paul really wanted to address the issues, he would have. And to confront him in a public place, he would have side stepped the real issue, just like he did on the radio, "Send me an email, and I'll sit down and talk to you', Yeah Right! I mailed him right away, that was June 7th and here it isanother birthday only a few days away, and all I want for my birthday is my sister!

Sorry, but I just had to vent, I've had it bottled in ever since I saw Gallegos.



  1. How about a countdown for Andrea laderoute? Since St patricks Day 1980? since the remains were found? since the evidence was given to the D.A.?

  2. He'll get to it right after the Palco case goes to trial.
    Then, the Moore issue, and the
    CAST disclosures, and replacing
    yougofree and

    wait, surf's up, gotta run

  3. I admit to being a layman here so bear with me.So I question why Terry Farmer never worked to bring this to a close?Or did he?And what happened?

  4. This case spans many District Attorneys - from DePaoli to Gallegos.

    I gather from reading the message board that the consensus was that they would not prosecute without a body. August 30, 2002 when Andrea's remains were found (TS "22-year-old murder case reopened"; January 7, 2003, dental records confirmed that it was Andrea. At this point it was Gallegos who was DA, not Farmer. In 2004, the Fortuna Police Department handed all the evidence over to Gallegos, who has still done nothing.

    Now - Annibel is in prison for one of the other murders, so prosecuting him now may not be a priority, but Gallegos should say so.

    What Lisa is asking for now is that her sister's remains be returned to her. Maintaining that all necessary tests could be performed and recorded, and probably already have been, the remains should be released, she has gotten no satisfaction there either. DNA evidence and blood spatters are part of the record. Gallegos maintains that any future defense attorney will want access to the body/remains.

    Robert Scott posted timelines and listed evidence on the message board, as well as writing the book.

  5. The issue is: Gallegos's behavior toward the family of a crime victim.

    Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated but illustrative of his character. Some people have been enamored with the image of Gallegos, but the "man" is deplete of honor and compassion for victims. He is driven by self promotion, ego and power, none of which have anything to do with justice for crime victims. He used this woman, as he used the Cheri Moore case, to secure his position and then lost interest in his slogan of "justice for all."

  6. Thanks for clearing that up for me Rose.

  7. You're welcome. It's a fascinating story.

  8. How about a countdown for Andrea laderoute? Since St patricks Day 1980? since the remains were found? since the evidence was given to the D.A.?

    Figuring 27 years times 365 days (1980-2007), and adding the balance for this year to date, not counting any leap year days, I estimate it to be Day 9,986.

  9. You know he could only fool the public so long.

    Unfortunately we still live in a community where many people will gladly accept soundbites instead of substance. A community where people turn their heads to what is really important if it means that their one issue agenda is shaken by reality. I personally know victims who have been treated like shit by this DA and his “new and improved” deputies (aka the rejects from other counties who have been released or fired because of poor performance or who have been disbarred for forgery and fraud.)
    Real people who have been victims of murder, assault, rape, embezzlement who have been lied to, or as bad, not even acknowledged by Gallegos or his staff.

    I look at this community and what has been allowed to happen here and am sickened. We have regressed 25 years in the last 4 years. Many of my friends who have lived and worked here all of their lives have or are moving on to a place that is not going to “pot”. Murl was correct, this place is a hell hole and it is because not only did a sociopath (Gallegos) get handed the keys to the kingdom, no one will stand up for the most vulnerable in this community to protect them.

    And for what, a horribly failed lawsuit against PL for politics, but a lawsuit so lame it was dismissed because the idiot DA didn’t understand the law. Or because of a politically motivated suit against a local city council woman which most counts were thrown out because the DA didn’t understand the law and misled the Grand Jury and which sole remaining count was thrown out because the DA violated her constitutional rights to due process.

    I used to think of myself as a true liberal. Now I decline to state because I am disgusted to be lumped into a group of so called liberals that not only don’t tolerate others but don’t even give a shit about the most vulnerable in our community...and why, because it interferes with their so called eviro agenda which really does NOTHING for the environment.

  10. this is off topic but important.the times-standard just posted this on their website.

    Latest News
    Boy missing from So Hum campground
    The Times-Standard
    Posted: 9:50 am

    An 8-year-old boy went missing from Albee Creek Campground in Humboldt Redwoods State Park Tuesday evening.
    Park rangers and Humboldt County Sheriff s Office Search and Rescue personnel went to the scene Wednesday morning to look for Ian Hansbearry of Eureka, who was last seen at 5 p.m. Tuesday. Search dogs have also been called to the scene.
    Hansbearry is white, 4-feet 8-inches tall, 65 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue and yellow button-up short sleeve shirt, green shorts, black and orange Adidas tennis shoes.
    Anyone with information regarding Hansbearry should contact the sheriff's office at 445-7251.
    Updates will be posted throughout the day.

  11. Thanks, mresquan! The Times Standard's updates all day were awesome - and both papers have the story today... Good news - Eureka boy safe after night in the woods
    Little boy lost — and found


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