Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here's INFORMED decision making for you

James Faulk starts out talking about local hairdressers being excited about the opportunity to give presidential candidate John Edwards a cheap haircut to help him shake off the criticism for his expensive habits (or were they hoping he'd pay THEM $400, that's not clear.)

Then, he branches off: Many local lock snippers, embittered by recent Humboldt County elections, pointed to the rifts created in their industry in last race for district attorney.

Paul Gallegos, flush with a full head of hair, seemed an obvious choice for the local beauty industry. But Worth Dikeman, man of the charming flesh-colored dome, had friends at least who needed haircuts, and many of those have been known to drop generous tips.

So the bloodbath ensued -- hairdresser versus stylist, sister versus sister, mother versus daughter, stylish man versus talkative woman.

In the end, youth and beauty won the day...

I guess that's why, despite all evidence of his incompetence, the Times Standard chose to endorse Gallegos in the last go-round, saying "He deserves an uninterrupted four-year term to show what he can do."

Just - lovely.


  1. Doesn't everyone know that beauty has to be more than skin deep? That's the biggest cliché there is, because it's true.

    Why then would anyone endorse Gallegos for aesthetic reasons?

  2. When I was walking for Nan Abrams last year,one person told me that they were voting for Mike Jones because he looked good on television,which was something Nan lacked.
    BTW,he does have some nice damn hair.

  3. I'm with the Media Maven. I'd love to know the story behind the story here, James. Which hairdresser vs stylist? Which sister vs sister? What the hell does stylish man vs talkative woman mean? Give us the real dirt, man. I want to hear about these high minded hairdressers and the shallow - i mean substantive - reasons for supporting cutie-pie.

    I wouldn't be leaving them any more tips.

  4. Oh c'mon, Rose. You DO have a sense of humor, don't you?

  5. Is that what it is? A sense of humor!? Could it be that James has little imagination and can't think of much else to write or comment about? Maybe his boss won't let him write on any substantial subject.

    It sure would be nice to see some real reporting again, some investigative reporting ?

    That's tooo much to ask for in Humboldt.

  6. Check out Gag's hairline! When he's Dikeman's age he'll be bald too. Maybe one of James stylish stylists can give Gag's a good comb over?

  7. I can see that James was trying to be funny. Ha Ha. It got a few laughs at the coffee shop.

  8. his not to hidden attack on Worth is that he is old and unattractive there for bad.

  9. Maybe he could get a laugh or two at the St. Vinnies soup kitchen?

  10. That was a pathetic attempt at humor.

    I have heard that Faulk desperately wants a job with the county. If this is the caliber of his work then maybe he should apply for a job with Gags...he'd fit right in. Dumb and dumber.

  11. doing what?

  12. maybe he should write for Leno


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