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Must read: Deadfall

Deadfall By Robert Scott

This is about a Humboldt/Mendocino County serial killer, John Annibel. Victims? Debbie Sloan, and suspected victims: Georgina Pacheco, Sherry Lynn Smith and Andrea LaDeRoute.

A post by the author on Lisa LaDeRoute's Court-TV message board:
In 1980, according to the Fortuna, California, PD, John Annibel murdered his girlfriend, Andrea LaDeRoute. This was Lisa's 20 year old sister. In 2002, some of Andrea's remains were found on land where Annibel once worked. The Fortuna PD in 2004, handed all of its evidence over to the Humboldt County DA's office, and said that John Annibel is the only suspect in the murder of Andrea LaDeRoute. Since that time, the DA's office has failed to move forward on this case, and will not return any calls of Lisa's questions about the status of the case. This is very much out of the norm in other counties and other cases, where the DA's office is always looking for publicity in a high profile case.

As she seeks information, and asks that her sister's remains be returned to the family for burial - the message board includes letters to Gallegos - one is very clearly a public records act request, yet it does not appear that he complied with that request. Haven't finished reading the LENGTHY threads, will update as I go.

On 03-30-2006, Robert Scott also mentions "many aspects in common as to motive, the actual murders, evidence found and disposal of bodies, that link in a backward chain from Sloan to LaDeRoute to Smith. The evidence is not things that we have uncovered - but rather what trained, professional detectives uncoverd in their investigations. Why the Humboldt County DA's office has not seen fit to pursue the cases in the murders of LaDeRoute and Smith remains a mystery.

In closing, here is just one instance of the frustration that Lisa has had to face over the years. In the May 29, 2005, issue of the Eureka Times Standard, they did an article on Humboldt County cold cases. Chris Durant was the journalist, and from what I've read in the past by him, he seems to be a competent and knowledgeable reporter. So it is unfathomable, why the following paragraphs of the article are so contradictory. Here are the exact words as written.

"In May 2003, DNA led to the closing of a Fortuna homicide. The remains of Andrea LaDeRoute were found by foresters marking trees on Pacific Lumber Co. property near Carlotta in August 2002. LaDeRoute was last seen in 1980 and her live-in boyfriend at the time, John Annibel, was arrested. But LaDeRoute's body was not found and there was not enough evidence to charge Annibel at the time.

"When DNA tests on blood found at their shared apartment matched LaDeRoute, Annibel was charged. He was already in custody in the California Department of Corrections and serving a life sentence, for the murder of Deborah Sloan in Laytonville in 1998.

"The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office said it has received a report from the Fortuna Police Department, but charges have yet to be filed."

So - in paragraph one - DNA supposedly led to the closing of the case.

In paragraph 2 - Annibel was charged.

In paragraph 3 - charges have yet to be filed."

NCJ 12/17/98 Unsolved mysteries link? - A man accused of murdering a Laytonville woman may also be linked to the deaths of two Humboldt County residents dating back 20 years.

John Annibel, a 41-year-old Fort Bragg resident, was arrested in Mendocino County Dec. 4 and charged with murdering 42-year-old Deborah Sloan. Sloan's nude body was spotted by Mendocino County road workers Nov. 30. The suspect had apparently met the slain woman just prior to her death.

Annibel is now being questioned by Humboldt County investigators about the 1976 rape and strangulation of Sherry Lynn Smith and the 1980 disappearance of his then live-in girlfriend, Andrea LaDeRoute. Annibel was initially a suspect in both unsolved cases, although no charges were ever filed against him.

In 1976, when Annibel was 18, he was questioned in connection with the death of 15-year-old Smith, who disappeared after going to a dance in Garberville. Her body was later found in Myers Flat, where Annibel's family lived at the time.

Annibel lived with DeLaRoute in Fortuna when he was 22 and she was 20. He reported her missing March 18, 1980. Her body was never found.

Blood evidence from the 18-year-old case taken from the couple's apartment will now be tested for a possible DNA match, a procedure that was not available in 1980.

Annibel continues to deny any involvement in either woman's death.


NCJ 9/23/99 Murder suspect convicted - A 42-year-old Fort Bragg man, a prime suspect in two unsolved Humboldt County murders, was convicted of first-degree murder by a Mendocino County jury in connection with the death of a Laytonville woman, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported last week.

John Annibel's sentencing hearing is scheduled for Nov. 8 in Mendocino County Superior Court.

Humboldt County authorities have tried to link Annibel to the murder of Andrea La DeRoute, who turned up missing at age 21 from her Fortuna home and hasn't been seen since her disappearance in 1980.

Four years before, Sherry Lynn Smith, 15, was raped, strangled and found dead on the property where the Annibel family lived near Myers Flat. In both cases, authorities said they couldn't develop sufficient evidence to charge Annibel in connection with the slayings.

Meanwhile, authorities are looking into a new case that appears to be a homicide of a white female. The woman identified as June Lawson, 19, of Redway, was found at Holbrook Grove State Park north of Redway on Redwood Drive at 9 a.m. Sunday, the sheriff's department announced.

The story of Lisa LaDeRoute's efforts to find justice have taken many years.

Mendocino Sheriff’s Office Finds Killer of (Georgina Pacheco) Young Woman Who Died in 1988 - 7/16/2013

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has listed Robert James Parks as the suspect in the murder of Georgina Pacheco and has closed this cold case.

(On July 21, 1998, Parks telephoned a family member and advised that he was going to commit suicide by by sinking his fishing vessel in the Long Beach Harbor. Authorities from Long Beach Harbor were notified and located the sunken fishing vessel. Parks’ lifeless body was recovered from the ship.)


  1. Hey, surfing takes time, and you know, surfing takes time! I don't think we are going to see much real crime drama from our DA, and the sad thing is all he has to do is wave the "I'm gonna sue Palco" flag and the brain-deads in the county will fall over each other to vote for him.

    It's like Law and Order, but 180 degrees the wrong way.

  2. That's a good description. 180 degrees the wrong way.

  3. He's busy, give him a break. He has to re-try a murder case using Dikeman's transcripts. Not much original thought needed. But what is new.

    And the big question, what about his highness' ruling on the EPD shootings.

    Of course crime is down, just look at the home invasion robbery in Arcata. The victims waited nineteen hours to report the crime? Long enough to hide the evidence of their indoor grow? And the high speed chase from Arcata to Somoa to Eureka to Crescent .... guns and weed.

  4. He so doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything. It is a shame that Ms. Deleroute was sucked in by his lies.

    He ain't gonna do didley for her and doesn't care that her sister was killed.

  5. He told her he lost a brother and a sister. And that he can appreciate her desire to have her sister's remains returned to the family for burial, but he refuses to give them to her, despite the fact that he has filed no charges, stating that a defense attorney will want full access to the remains irregardless of the fact that any needed tests can be performed now, and recorded for posterity. According to the reports, DNA evidnece already establishes certain facts.

    Not making a decision on the Cheri Moore case is one thing - this is far, far worse, and far, far more cruel.

  6. Cruelty is standard operating procedure for those that truly "know" this Gallegos. He has a mask and talks the talk, but get him in his own element with no press and no one around to "im"press, then you will really figure out how he ticks. Cruel is an understatement. His callous disregard of everyone around him becomes glaring when in out of the public eye and his vindictiveness is stunning.

    Ever seen that movie, the bad seed, with the child actor Patty McCormack. That is Gallegos to a tee.

  7. Be interesting to see how the spin doctors spin this one . God, you guys must be gettin' tired of all this shit. You just need him to do one good thing that you don't have to make excuses for.


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