Friday, July 06, 2007

Is this weird?

The good old "Center for Biological Diversity" has been at it again.

Last fall, two environmental groups — the Pacific Rivers Council and the Center for Biological Diversity — sued the state Fish and Game Department, claiming that its trout planting program had failed to assess the adverse impacts on "sensitive aquatic species," such as the mountain yellow-legged frog, the Yosemite toad and the Santa Ana sucker.

Deanna Spooner, conservation director for the Pacific Rivers Council, based in Eugene, Ore., said it's not just that hatchery-reared rainbows "prey on other fish, on frogs and other amphibians, compete with native species for food and habitat, hybridize with native trout and spread disease. They literally change aquatic systems."

John Sullivan, who grew up in the Eastern Sierra and tied fishing flies for extra money as a teen, is skeptical that frogs are victims of trout. "If frogs are such a favorite of trout, why aren't there any frog lures being sold in Sierra sporting goods stores?" he asks. "Or pollywog lures?"

"And if trout are eating frogs in all those lakes, why aren't the trout big? The fish are small and hungry."

"The answer is because they eat bugs."
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  2. Whatever - Warrior...go away!

  3. It's ok, Warrior, thank you for the link. Next time, you are invited to join in the discussion. Your name will serve as a link to your own blog.

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  5. Let's be very clear about this. These so called concerned groups are nothing more than rip-off artists looking for any deep pocket to sue and noterity to hussel dumbies with daddies credit card into dumber donations to further their phony cause/celeb. The end result is a fleecing of the public and the enviroment.


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