Thursday, July 12, 2007

For example...

If Gallegos himself decides to prosecute the Kesser case - will he be able to call all of the witnesses who testified at the previous trial?

Debi August was one of the witnesses.


  1. He just won't call her even if it hurts the case. You see he doesn't give a shit.

  2. Who is Debbie August and what is the issue with her testifying or not testifying?

  3. Take the time to read this - and reflect on its meaning: From the last day of the Debi August trial where the trial is stopped because it is apparent that there is a violation of Debi's right to due process on the part of the DA and his then assistant DA, Tim Stoen in what many saw as a politically motivated prosecution.

    More info: Background articles

    But that is the least of his problems. It's the murderer's parents (from a different case entirely) standing on the courthouse steps helping him get re-elected by proclaiming his opponent a racist in the first Kesser trial. His campaign goons claimed they had n-o-t-h-i-n-g to do with t-h-a-t, and their subsequent campaign donations (see the Gallegos/Bear River label in the sidebar), AND then the sweeping up and dismissing nine felonies against the Bowman's other son after that - again, Gallegos claims he had nothing to do with it.

    It's a clusterfuck he can't extricate himself from, no matter which way you interpret it.

  4. He doesn't need to extricate himself from anything. The voters have shown they don't mostly care, only the dope supporters and the few law and order voters turn out, and guess which is the majority in [southern] humboldt. Plus, who in their right mind would want to try to fix that office now? So the county has dug itself a pit, and Paul is happily wallowing in it, forever.

  5. Corruption !

  6. Well, it is only one of the ironies that he was prosecuting Debi August for alleged conflict of interest - taking a Grand Jury investigation that should only have resulted in a report, and then a possible vote of censure from fellow City Council members into rare "accusation" territory.

    Who will hold Gallegos accountable for his conflict of interest transgressions. This case is not the only one.

  7. robin shelley7/15/2007 9:16 PM

    Well, 7:33, I hope you've read the articles about Debi August that Rose pointed you toward. Pretty remarkable woman, I'd say. If everyone would follow her lead, the little Paul Gallegoses & Tim Stoens of the world wouldn't stand a chance!


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