Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrate the Fourth

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THANK YOU, Lane DeVries! It was spectacular!
Additional info: Lane credits Carl Pellatz as the other half of the fireworks rescue effort. So THANKS to you both!
I'm also told that Eureka's show was also fabulous! More THANKS for all.
Both The Times-Standard and The Eureka Reporter got some great shots! Check 'em out!

Thanks to Sun Valley Floral Farms for making Arcata Fourth of July a special day 7/15/2007
Dear Editor,

Thank you, Sun Valley Floral Farms, for your generosity in stepping in at the last minute to finance the Arcata Fourth of July fireworks show. It was the best show I have ever seen in Arcata. Without this show of support to the community from your company, the Fourth would have been just another day in Arcata.

Thanks again for capping off a great Independence Day for my family and me.

Joel Rink

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  1. God Bless America

  2. Why is Hearaldo such an asshole?

  3. Because he doesn't understand that for all our shortcomings, whatever they may be, we are the good guys. This country is the best thing that has ever existed on this planet. And we are very lucky.

  4. Such smugness is not what made us great (if we are), and certainly will not keep us in such a status.

  5. Smugness? What we have here is the greatest thing the world has ever seen. All people free to worship as they see fit, side by side, without killing. Free to speak their minds, even to criticize the highest office holders. Free to fraternize with whomever they choose, free to sleep with whomever they choose and not be butchered for it. Free to choose your own life, listen to the music you like... it is a long. long long list, and if you don't appreciate every little thing, you need only look at those parts of the world where so many little things will get you killed. I, for one, appreciate it, and there is no smugness involved.

  6. I'm pretty much in the anti-4th crowd as well,it shoudn't be celebrated when we are illegally occupying other countries,and killing mass civilians.I skipped out on the fireworks and made sure my dogs didn't tear everything apart.Talk about animal cruelty,if Miranda and co.are really concerned about animal welfare then maybe they should take some sort of stance on fireworks being shot off in backyards,driving dogs and cats insane unless they are heavily medicated with fairly dangerous pharmaceuticals.How humane.
    And,I wonder if the Baykeepers are going to do some studies on the effects of massive gunpowder being shot off from the bay.Last night,the pulp mill smoke was probably the most environmentally friendly fume in the sky.

  7. Apparently, exercising the freedom to "criticize the highest office holders" is what makes one an asshole.

  8. It's nice Lane employs all those illegal aliens also...what made America great. Profiting on the backs of immigrant workers.

  9. That and cancer causing pesticides.

  10. Yeah. Well, we already know all the reasons why you hate this country and hate this government, and hate this system - now, what do you like, and what would you miss if it all was suddenly taken away?

  11. It's been fascinating to learn about "all" the things I "hate" by reading the blogs.

  12. Oh I definitely like the country and love the people who reside here.I dislike the system because of the government which runs it.It's the people in this country which have held it together,if that was left to the government,all of what we've strived for would be taken away(a.k.a the patriot act).
    The government isn't serving its people,locally and nationally.The government is now being run solely by special interests,and sorry I can't see any good in that.Whether it's Paul Gallegos doing it,or George Bush,it doesn't matter,we all lose.The government is property of the people,not vice versa.I don't like the system now because it's not benefiting its people who pay for it.
    Over 70% of Americans want our troops brought home now,I like that.Most also want less money spent on military shenanigans and instead diverted to healthcare,environmental protection, and education,I like that too.Yet it seems to me that these demands are being taken away from us.

  13. i thought the stacks at the pulp mill were steam

  14. Heraldo you are an asshole, because you ARE an asshole. It has nothing to do with exercising the freedom to "criticize the highest office holders." Frankly, Bush and Cheney are pathetic...can't wait till they are out of office. But as for you...well...who are you today? Ken, Mark, Richard. Who exactly is part of the coffee club?

    Asshole is just so descriptive Mr. H.

  15. I believe the point of this posting was to thank Lane for his generosity so that the community could have the opportunity to sit beneath the fireworks and observe their display.

    Whether you choose to observe the 4th (or not) is irrelevant, as Rose was saying Thank You.

    There are many shortcomings in this country, the great experiment in democracy that it is, and there are great achievements. In the words of Churchill, we must be ever diligent about the doings of our government.

    For those who chose (one of the great opportunities), there were families sitting beneath the sky, children playing, dueling fireworks, neighbors chatting, picnics and while watching the BIG show, I know I for one reflected on the words of Francis Scott Key.

  16. 4:19pm ....... Sooo nicely put!

  17. Mark Lovelace7/06/2007 8:53 AM

    who are you today? Ken, Mark, Richard

    Not me! I like fireworks.

  18. Look at Heraldo's picture over on CPR's blog.That's obviously Hank Sims without any makeup.

  19. Mark - I didn't think it was you either - even though you have contributed before. That H was too vitriolic...must be R.Trent.


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