Friday, July 06, 2007

Day 449

And still Paul Gallegos has not made a decision in the Cheri Moore case.


  1. Amazing. I wonder if PVG is enjoying the burden and weight he is putting on the shoulders of the EPD officers involved? Truly a shame. Not to mention very telling about the true character of PVG and his regime.

  2. Rose, have you been reading the garbage HH has been putting out on his blog? More attacks on the cops and Arkley. Besides being an AH does HH have any real claim to fame? It's either the cops (excuse me EPD), Arkley, or Palco.

  3. PVG is a small and nasty little man. He abuses his power and that is starting to become apparent to even the very blinded TS. It is a shame that their PREVIOUS ed board couldn't see straight earlier. Now I am hoping that they redeem themselves with me and don't let this guy off of the hot seat until he actually does something on the Moore case.

  4. Actually, 4:22, I have been more interested in the way heraldo's posts fall, a couple days ahead of Driscoll's articles, right in line with Salzman's listserve missives. But most interesting is the Cotchett thing. Nothin' like layin' the groundwork, playin' the cheerleader - somethin' funny 'bout it all.


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