Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conflicts of interest

Murder retrial begins Monday

Gallegos should not be involved in the Kesser case. He should give it to Max Cardoza, or another qualified Deputy DA in the office, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the politicization of this case during the election.

Case in point:
Elections should focus on the good record of candidate
Dear Editor,

I realize that in writing this letter it is not helping my cause in trying to keep my family’s name and the circumstance regarding my son’s 14-year-old trial out of public scrutiny. That is not possible now, as Ellie Bowman and Madison Ayala have taken it upon themselves to pass out fliers in front of the Courthouse regarding this case.

They have not taken into consideration, nor have they contacted me as to how this would affect my feelings or the feelings of my grandson, whom I have been raising since this tragedy.

They state that this is not politically motivated. Why then, after this length of time, have they taken it upon themselves to bring anything about this case up now? Yes, Mr. Worth Dikeman was the prosecuting attorney in the case and yes, he obtained a conviction and yes, it is something I have to live with every day, but he was doing the job he was appointed to do and I will never fault him for that, not as it seems Ellie Bowman is doing because of the conviction of her son.

During the trial and for all the years that have gone by, Mr. Dikeman has shown me and my family the greatest respect and compassion. He has shown interest in how my grandson was doing in school, how I was doing and always had a great concern for our family. I doubt if there are many attorneys on either side who do that. I deeply resent the fact that to win an election people have to use tactics that can hurt other people instead of running on their supposedly good record.

Joanne Kesser

There are other serious conflicts as well.
Retrial drudges up past for longtime Fortuna residents


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  2. He shouldn't, but he will. This entire re-trial has been bought and paid for. Two murderer's are about to be freed. If this doesn't attract the national media, nothing will!

  3. 5:27, Nick, if that was you, you are welcome here with rational discussion on the issues. I often enjoy your point of view and comments. But the pillow fight that raged at the buhne tribune will not work here.

  4. In many ways, Nick's thoughts are more rational than Rose's. And his thoughts are actually entertaining. I skip past Rose's comments now though...she displays a lack of credibility (Rose - could you post a resume or something...did you go to law school? Just wondering).

  5. robin shelley7/15/2007 9:17 PM

    Rose "displays a lack of credibility"?!! How so, 10:03?
    Enlighten me.

  6. 10:03 isn't vitriolic so it can't be R. Trent. Must be Sterling-Nichols...she is so predictible...

    Tell my blondie (Nichols) - where did you get your law degree. Don't have one do you...What could be going thru that pea brain of yours Nichols...oh nothing is it?Oh...you paid a couple of hundred bucks to Dr. Miller aka Dr. Pot and are self medicating. Oh, now I get it.

    I don't know where you came from Ms. Sterling-Nichols, but I wish you would go back. You have done enough damage here.

  7. Gee looks like 10:29 spotted Ms. Sterling Nichols again!

    Not very hard to do...and she got really quiet.

    Ms. Sterling Nichols - quit blogging anonymously.


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