Monday, July 02, 2007

What's the objection?

Harbor District fills new Port of Humboldt promotion position (Port of Oakland Maritime Director Wilson) Lacy’s hiring was enthusiastically received by most, but not all, of those attending Thursday’s meeting, and some reminded the commissioners not to forget their obligation to recreation and conservation.

When did Jennifer Kalt become a "Baykeeper" representative?

What's Mr. "Baykeeper's" objection here? Guess you'll have to tune into his special radio show to hear the spin.

Humboldt Baykeeper representative Jennifer Kalt read a letter from group Program Director Pete Nichols that demanded the district deny Lacy’s hiring, which Nichols said is not a good use of taxpayer money because there is no viable shipping program for him to oversee.

But paying off predatory lawsuits IS?

Arcata Eye - New Harbor hire draws fire
Arcata Eye - Nichol's letter

The people who conduct the business, and who have to make the decision say they need "someone “with extensive experience to market this port on an international basis... . We found this candidate and are really excited.” “Never, in all the years I’ve been preaching the return of the port, did I imagine we’d land a guy like Wilson Lacy. It doesn’t happen every day.”

But the all-knowing "Baykeeper" says “I find the District’s direction on this issue very worrisome, poorly thought out and seriously lacking in strategy,”

Maybe that means he's afraid Lacy won't cave in to threatened litigation.


  1. pete's pissed because they didn't bow to his superiority and give him the job.

  2. Oh is Pete out of town too?

  3. Yeah - he is surfing with Paul.

  4. he doesn't want the tax payers to spend their money. he won't be able to sue for it.


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