Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Teen" Challenge update

Property buy falls through; Redwood Teen Challenge back to drawing board
After weeks of public outcry and heated debates at City Council meetings, plans to convert the dilapidated church building at 321 West Wabash into a Redwood Teen Challenge facility died quietly this week...Read the rest

Assembly Bill 992 stirs debate
As state Sen. Pat Wiggins' bill aiming to tighten restrictions on drug and alcohol recovery programs draws cheers from some locals, others caution it may have unintended affects.

Assembly Bill 992, which passed through the Assembly Committee on Health last week and is expected to come before the Appropriations Committee in August, would require licensing of all drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

That includes recovery maintenance facilities, often called clean and sober houses, and facilities with six and fewer residents -- both of which have been free to operate without licenses or oversight.

Many locally are embracing the bill, calling it a much needed step toward addressing a problem that is eating at the fabric of Eureka neighborhoods. But, some question just how affective the bill might be.
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Resident: Prove deal is 'dead' 7/17/07
Good arises from anger 7/19/07

INVESTIGATING TEEN CHALLENGE - Why Does Teen Challenge Need to Be Investigated?


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