Friday, July 27, 2007

Not just one local victim...

Not just Andrea LaDeRoute.

15 year old Sherry Lynn Smith was from the Garberville area and went to South Fork High School. She was last seen alive heading toward Annibel's car. She was John Annibel's sister-in-law? Or her sister's boyfriend was John Annibel's brother, James? I'll get the details from the book. He was supposed to give her a ride home from a dance in Garberville. That was 1976.

In 1980, Annibel was 22. His 20 year old girlfriend, Andrea LaDeRoute vanished. The evidence list includes bloodspattered sheets and walls. DNA evidence confirms it is her blood. In 2002, her remains - her skull - were discovered. In 2003 tests confirmed it was her. In 2004, the Fortuna Police Department handed over the case to Humboldt County DA Paul Gallegos.

In 1988 Georgina Pacheco was found raped and strangled.

In 1998 Debbie Sloan was strangled to death by John Annibel, and her body, like the others, was dumped. The Journal reported that "Annibel is now being questioned by Humboldt County investigators about the 1976 rape and strangulation of Sherry Lynn Smith and the 1980 disappearance of his then live-in girlfriend, Andrea LaDeRoute. Annibel was initially a suspect in both unsolved cases, although no charges were ever filed against him."

The Mendocino DA convicted John Annibel of Debbie Sloan's murder.

Robert Scott posted a more complete timeline of events and lists of evidence on the courtTV message board.

The more you read the more astonishing this is.

Looking at the time spans, you have to wonder if there aren't more victims. Where was Annibel between 1980 and 1988? Between 1988 and 1998?

And you have to wonder why charges weren't filed, especially once DNA testing was available to confirm suspicions. If charges had been filed, how many girls would still be alive? And, if he gets out of prison early - when will that be?

Mendocino Sheriff’s Office Finds Killer of (Georgina Pacheco) Young Woman Who Died in 1988 - 7/16/2013

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has listed Robert James Parks as the suspect in the murder of Georgina Pacheco and has closed this cold case.

(On July 21, 1998, Parks telephoned a family member and advised that he was going to commit suicide by by sinking his fishing vessel in the Long Beach Harbor. Authorities from Long Beach Harbor were notified and located the sunken fishing vessel. Parks’ lifeless body was recovered from the ship.)


  1. Is this supposed to be a criticism of Paul Gallegos?

  2. Is Paul's fault that Terry Farmer and other D.A.'s didn't exhaust all of their resources,in order to find the body until 22 years later.That's what I'm gathering.So where was Annibel from 1990-1998(Farmer reign).
    That being said,since the body was found and charges were made,Paul has seemingly been lackluster in responding to the family.
    As bad as he may be,he certainly is much better than his past 2 predecessors.

  3. Lackluster? Apparently you haven't learned anything here, mresquan, if you can make such a statement. I'm shocked, actually.

    Since charges were filed against Annibel, and Judge Buffington dismissed the charges because there was no body, they could not bring it back and risk a second dismissal - after which they would never be able to bring charges, even if the body was found - at least that is my understanding.

    Once the body was found, however, and this was under GALLEGOS, not Farmer, charges could and should be filed.

    Paul's cruel and cynical use of Lisa LaDeRoute is pretty clear.

    That said, the entire system has failed her these many years. Dismally. And repeatedly.

  4. mresquan

    How long have you been a Humboldt County resident? The reason I ask is I wonder if you were around when DePoali was the DA? DePoali was a talented prosecutor (deputy DA). If my memory serves me he was the first DDA in California to get a murder conviction with no body found. DePoali was assigned or appointed DA mid term when the elected DA was appointed judge. Power and fame took it's toll on BD. Womanizing and substance abuse were among the things that put him into downward spiral. BD ended up becoming firends with some of his more notorious clients and ended up with felony convictions in Nevada and California.

    Terry Farmer beat him (BD) in the next election. I never was a fan of Farmer but after a while he put together a good team and he MANAGED the office. Like Farmer or not the office ran pretty smooth under him.

    Enough said. But to even suggest PVG is much better than his two predecessors is almost comical, and certainly sad. Even DePoali would have made a timely ruling on the Moore shooting. And I'm just talking about a ruling, ANY ruling. Charge the cops, clear the cops, or clear the cops saying things could have been done better. But do something! Remember "justice delayed is justice denied". And PVG ran on the "Justice for all" bandwagon.

  5. So proud of Lisa. What a sister to have in your corner. Never be able to look at another D.A. ever again the same way without thinking of this nightmare. So sorry Lisa for all of this. Should of told or offered support some how. I will never forget the way you and Andrea would drive me an Steve nuts with your sign language. Warm memories. You will see her again and the words she will have for you will be ...of a word I cact even dream of so I wont even try. Your Awsome! Gary


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