Thursday, July 26, 2007

Best East Bay True-Crime Author

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Best East Bay True-Crime Author: And the busiest one, too (2007)
Robert Scott
Contra Costa native Robert Scott was a delivery-company driver plying the same highways upon which thrill-killer sweethearts Michelle Michaud and Union Cityite James Daveggio raped and murdered young women in their specially outfitted "torture van." Reading about these murders, realizing that he had crossed paths with the pair, Scott became insatiably curious about what he calls the "inner demons" that make people kill. He switched careers and is now one of the nation's most prolific true-crime authors, with a string of page-turners including Rope Burns — about the Michaud/Daveggio case — as well as Unholy Sacrifice, Monster Slayer, Married to Murder, and more, including the brand-new Savage, which tracks the killing career of ruthless, rootless drifter Benjamin Pedro Gonzales, whose victims include a Livermore woman who hired him as a handyman. Skilled at evoking the look and feel of the regions where the incidents took place, Scott also is a passionate advocate for victims and their families. ...And, of course, his list of books includes Deadfall.

Not in stock at any of the local bookstores that I've found. Anyone know of any place locally carrying the book?
Amazon and Borders can deliver, there are some on ebay. I ordered mine from Blake's Books in McKinleyville.


  1. I have read the book. Tragic story that leaves such pain and unfinished business. Poor Lisa, my heart goes out to her. I lost my brother 38 years ago in the LA area, and we still don't know what really happened. You never forget. Lisa needs closure. Unbelievable that PG would rather go after alleged civil crimes and not go after a near proven murderer. Someone needs to teach him the definition of criminal. Better yet why doesn't he just resign. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    sorry, but sometimes I make myself laugh. PG would never do the right thing, that woulkd be so out of character.

  2. It's interesting because there have been many murder trials during this time - Angellel, even Kesser.

    Why did this one continually slip thorugh the cracks? There's quite a list of evidence that Robert Scott details on Lisa's CourtTV Message Board. And it seems that along the way there have been many people convinced that it should proceed.

    And now, with DNA testing evidence in hand, why can't they release the minute remains to the family for burial. After 27 years, and no prosecution in sight - it makes no sense to me.


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