Friday, July 13, 2007

Ahhh, there is news after all!

News on both the Kesser case AND the Moore case.

Today, Friday, is day 456 - A year plus 91 days later, and still no decision from Paul Gallegos.

Gallegos: Retrial will 'likely' delay Moore decision
Chris Durant/The Times-Standard 07/13/2007

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said Thursday that it's “highly likely” the retrial he's currently picking a jury for will further delay a decision on whether to file criminal charges against the Eureka Police officers who shot and killed a woman during a standoff in 2006.

Last month, Gallegos told the Times-Standard he wouldn't be pressured into a decision regarding the April 14, 2006, shooting but that he wanted to come to a conclusion before the end of the retrial -- now projected to last into October.

Cheri Lyn Moore, 48, had a known history of mental illness when police stormed her Eureka apartment during a two-hour standoff in which she was seen brandishing a flare gun. It was the first in a series of police involved shootings.

Gallegos has blamed a “bottleneck” in his office for the lack of a decision in the Moore case.

”Again, it's very frustrating,” said Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen, who was hired after the shooting. “It's an open wound on the department and the community.”

Nielsen said he couldn't understand the delay and that there has been sufficient time to make a decision.

”It's certainly as important as anything else on his desk,” Nielsen said.

The attorney representing Moore's family, W. Gordon Kaupp, said in an e-mail that a delay in the criminal decision will delay action on the civil suit filed in late May against the city, the Eureka Police Department and individual officers.

”Although the depositions in the federal civil rights action will likely not take place sooner than three months, if he continues to keep the decision regarding the criminal case in limbo it will cause great disruption to the civil case,” Kaupp said.

“There is no reason for not being able to come to a decision about this in one year. I can think of no other murder that took a district attorney's office so long to make a decision about filing charges, convening a grand jury, or announcing that no charges will be brought,” he said.

Jury selection began this week in the retrial of the 1991 homicide case Gallegos is prosecuting. The trial is estimated to last three months.

OK, so that's the excuse for this week. But today, Friday, is day 456 - A year plus 91 days later.
Update: Kesser case
Retrial drudges up past for longtime Fortuna residents


  1. #1. Never, ever trust an attorney.

    #2. Never, ever, trust an attorney, or anyone else for that matter, who is trying to disguise their first name by using only an initial. (L. Ron Hubbard, G. Gordon Liddy, etc)

  2. See - the guy wanted to play in court and never ever wanted the job he ran for. The well educated but lacking common sense progs voted for this idiot and get what they deserve. The police are getting the shaft here as is the rest of the community. If Gallegos hadn't totally gotten rid of all of his competent lawyers, there wouldn't be a backlog of cases. I wonder how Michael Schellenberger or Sterling-Nichols or R.Trent is going to spin this one. Unless of course, the lame excuse that Gallegos gave to the press is their attempt at spinning this - if so, they are pathetic also.

  3. Jeez - just read this over at the times standard website. I am clueless how to link it so I copied it verbatim:

    "Well imagine that, dope smokin Gallegos can't make a decision. You see that is a symptom of smokin marijuana Paul, Are you using to much of Dr. Kens 215 scrip.

    This case will go down in the anals of case decisions that Gallegos has f***** up or should I say smoked up in his to long of tenure. Just get off your lazy ass Paul and send it to the Grand Jury like you know you are going to do.

    I am willing to bet that the 19 independent citizens of humboldt county will render a decision within a couple of days once they have had all the information presented to them that THE INCOMPETENT FOOL GALLEGOS HAS HAD FOR OVER A YEAR.
    Crime Dog Joe | 07.13.07 - 6:30 am"

    Thats calling it like you see it Crime Dog Joe!

  4. Did the Media Maven scare Kara Machado off? No court coverage this week in the ER. Go Durant!

  5. The Real Anonymous7/13/2007 10:22 AM

    You ever get the feeling that PVG's middle name should be "Excuses"

    My heart and prayers go out to not only the family of Miss Moore, but the police officers that have been working since this tragedy occured, wondering everyday if this is the day that PVG will make a decision. Praying that their nightmare comes to an end.

    What a joke, this DA needs to be removed and the Attorney General needs to step in and put this DA's office back together

  6. there's a bottleneck in the office? yes there is . . . .

    Viva Cuervo!!!!!!!!!!

    Manana baby. I have this tough trial, gonna take 3 months of half days, after which I will SOOO need a vacation.Might need MOORE time to think things over. MOORE time, seriously, I kill myself.

    That Keat patsy can keep things running for me. Thank god for him and his old school work/duty/self-sacrice ethic or I might have to work. And that's just silly, work is for the little people.

  7. I pretty much have to agree with everyone else.

    Not sure if I feel sorry for the Moore family, they hadn't seen the mom in months or was it years? They are just out for the money, shame on them.

    And why is the DA handling this threee month murrder case? doesn't he have a conflict with this one anyway? Isn't he the manager of the office? Do you see the Sheriff out doing burlary inestigations?

    PVG is the criminal here, he should be charged with being an incompetent POS elected official. He makes Radoni seem OK

  8. How about a county wide vote?

    I vote NO confidence in District Attorney Paul V Gallegos. I would vote RECALL if a ballot came up. I would donate money for a RECALL.

    No comments or My Word from Dr. Ken lately?!?! What's up with that?

  9. I can't believe more people aren't outraged by this!? I guess the Humboldt County public is just becoming numb to the misdeeds and slimey stunts this guy has done?

    Is still around?

    They way things are going we might as well take Tim Stoen back!

  10. The Real Anonymous7/14/2007 8:31 AM

    yougofree is here till probably the end of August

  11. Using up all his leave time before he goes. With all that time off, is he conducting business elsewhere? And what's the penalty for acting as a private attorney while you are a public prosecutor?

    The State Bar doesn't know. Says you have to ask the DA. And if the DA is part of the problem? Well, according to the girl who answers the phone - who had to check with someone - well, then, it is the City Attorney who is above the DA. Make any sense to anybody?

  12. The state bar doesn't do anything to these %$$##* shisters. That is a real crime.


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