Monday, July 23, 2007

Use and abuse

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"You know, back in 2003, I supported Paul Gallegoes during the recall election, because I thought that Paul was sincere about stepping up to the plate...

...Me and my family went to see Paul, thinking back now I should have known better, when he said back then, that he wasn't familiar with Andrea's case, and that Worth Dikeman was the prosecutor assigned to the case.

As a District Attorney, Paul should be informed and involved in each homicide case, as he proudly states, he would rather be the one to prosecute as many cases as possible. Hmmmmmm!

But not only that, once the Fortuna Police Dept. named their suspect and completed their final complaint, at that point it would be up to the District Attorney to assign a prosecutor or to close the case for lack of evidence. I mean 26 years and the prosecutor, Worth Dikeman nor the District attorney can decide whether they have enough evidence.

I supported Paul back then, which is why his office coordinated a press conference at my home during the recall, but knowing what I know now, I wish I hadn't supported him. I wasn't asking Paul to do me any special favors, but I believed him when he said he would review Andrea's case with Worth, and get back to me.

But wouldn't you know it, as soon as I did the press conference, Paul didn't even know who I was at the picnic that was organized for all his campaign supporters. Heck I didn't even get an invitation..."

Sadly, this is not surprising. I have heard many stories - Gallegos does not communicate with the victim's families. Promises are implied, if not made directly, expectations are raised and hopes dashed. People who were used by Gallegos and Salzman during campaigns, then abruptly 'discarded'... Shunka certainly believed Gallegos would file charges in the David Chain incident, but was soon disabused of that notion... This is Lisa LaDeRoute talking about it happening to her. And this is only part of it. Her message board on court TV's site runs from November 2004 to June 28, 2007. In her search for answers, for justice and closure, she has posted correspondence with Gallegos, pdf files of any court documents, interviews and evidence she could gather at


  1. Poor woman to be treated so badly by the village idiot. Using people and throwing them away is Paul to tee.

  2. robin shelley7/25/2007 10:47 PM

    This is pitiful. Breaks my heart.


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