Monday, July 23, 2007

DA gun request still on hold

A Humboldt County District Attorney's Office request from May to purchase eight AR-15 assault rifles is still on hold, but a decision may be coming soon...

...The guns were part of an order that included protective vests, badges, fatigues and other police officer equipment. The money for the purchase comes from the District Attorney's Asset Forfeiture trust funds.
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For more info, click on the Gallegos/Assault Team, and Public Records labels/links below.

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  1. What a lame brain...he should just forget this assault weapon request. His investigators don’t do more than serve subpoena’s so it’s a complete waste of the taxpayers money...but he hates it when he is told no so that explains the juvenile reaction by him and his cronies to being questioned by the CAO on this.


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