Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 462

A year plus 97 days. Sunday it'll be +100 days.


  1. I'll bet, 3 to one, the decision will go to over 600 days.

    Shameful as it is the current jury trial PVG is on is just an excuse. PVG should be a manager, a leader, not a trial lawyer. If he was even attempting to do the job he was elected to do the Moore shooting decision would be history.

  2. But what you don't see 9:39 is that PVG CAN'T be a manager or a leader...he is simply not competent to be one.

  3. by going to trial he can avoid having to make decisions. they are all made for him in court. it is alot easier.

  4. OK 1:07 you're right. But he should be TRYING to be a manager. Even ACTING like a manager would be an improvent.

  5. The problem with your thinking 3:32, is that you assume that he cares. He doesn't. All he cares about is himself and will say anything to anyone he thinks will advance him.

  6. What's ironic is that the office manages to function at all because all the [competent] lawyers [rumored to be perhaps five, maybe six] are madly multitasking and working over time, while the boss, when he's not on vacation, is doing one thing at a time, and not all that well. The Kesser case is a retrial, for god's sake. He's got ( oh please don't tell me he didn't bother to get) full transcripts, everyone knows where the evidence is going, he can even crib Dikeman's closing argument.
    He doesn't need to work up a new case. But he claims he can't make a decision on Moore because he's all tied up with the (half a day at a time) trial. That's another
    Paulism that just won't stand analysis, not that anything he says or does gets seriously analyzed outside a few blogs and the occasional piece in the NCJ or Eye.

  7. That's true his opening argument and closing are already done for him, courtesy of Mr. Dikeman. And everyone knows PVG is AOK with plagiarism.

  8. Well, 10:46, if he doesn't, you can bet the defense attorneys do have the file - anyone who watches CSI would bet that they are combing over all the files, especially DNA evidence, because alot has changed in a short number of years.

    Is Gallegos prepared? Is he ever? And is he talking to the victim's family? Or does he want to throw this case? And blame it all on Dikeman?

  9. One year and 99 days.

    PVG, what a guy?! What a DA?!

  10. where are the CAST documents?

    why is mr schwartz leaving?

    who will now be latest midget trying to fill the CAST shoes?

    On the other hand, what's the point, CAST being kaput, as the documents will show.


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