Friday, September 22, 2006

GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card for Child Abusers - Gallegos puts Jeffrey "" Schwartz in charge of CAST

Paul Gallegos has just put Jeffrey "" Schwartz in charge of the Child Abuse Services Team (CAST).

It's a great day for child molesters.

Wonder what Maggie Fleming did?

Prosecutor assigned to Child Abuse Services Team

"Yougofree is a candidate for Arcata City Council
Be sure to ask him what he plans to do with all the meth dealers and addicts, ask him about plea bargaining the Whitethorn rapists, ask him how many cases he has taken to trial since he moved here... if Schwartz wants to help Arcata, he should start by doing his job.


  1. Maybe we should calling yougofree Jeffy "Chestergofree" ?

  2. I think Jeffery (yougofree) Swartz was awarded the CAST, or child molester, prosecutor spot because he is lazy. Yup lazy. The CAST prosecutor has specific duties and does not have to assist the office in regular court appearances. Good ole Yugo thinks that there are very few molester cases and even fewer go to trial and so he can spend more of his time in the office with his feet up on his desk reading the paper !!!!! Or more time running for Arcata City Council, using the DA's phone and e-mail system for his election planes. Has Swartz ever ran for any public office any other place he has lived ? don't tink so. But he's been here just over a year and he's running for city council in Arcata?! Maybe he just wants to hang out with Dave M. or Harmony G. ???

    Putting in charge of these types of cases is like decriminalizing child molesting in Humboldt County!

    Thank you Paul Gallegos for rewarding your "loyal" butt boy by giving him free pick of any assignement in the office.

  3. I noticed on Jeff Schwartz's blog that he posts some of his ramblings during weekdays and business hours. Either he's posting at work or he's taking a lot of vacation.

    On his blog, he basically wants to do away with cars and have public transportation. Yet he drive to and from Arcata everyday and admitted he's never taken the bus!


    Just like how he slammed the victim's credibility in the Whitethorn rape case, and then acted outraged when they got probation after he gave them a sweetheart deal. He managed to demean the victim and put down the probation officer and the judge.

    How many trials has this guy done in the last year? I heard one, and that it was a hung jury. Maybe he should spend less time blogging on the county dime.

  4. Mr. is getting paid $75 K a year plus benefits to read the paper, cruise the blogs, and run for Arcata City Council. But he is one of Gagellos' top prosecutors!??!?!?! He's been in the DA's office over a year and has not won ONE jury trial ! But he has only had one, the Whitethorn rapist's got pleaded out halfway through. makes unbelievable plea bargains, even the defense attorneys are amazed.


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