Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The anti-cop agenda

Paul Gallegos' supporters HATE cops. You've already seen Ken MIller's agenda for the future detailed in AEB emails.
Here are some more - and for those of you who are asking "isn't this old news?" "why is this relevant today?" you need only read Ken Miller's last two My Words, in which he continues his rant against cops (though he tries to sugar coat it.)

Support for Ken must be drying up since he has come out from behind the shadows and resorted to writing the pieces himself. The same thing happened to Salzman, who first had people who agreed to sign his letters, then had to resort to signing them himself, and finally took to making up fake names to sign to his letters in order to make it look like he had widespread support.

Salzman and Miller desperately want to discredit local law enforcement, who they see as an impediment to their precious Paul's ability to fulfill their agenda. They have seized upon the Cheri Moore tragedy, and are attempting to milk it for all it is worth, trying to drum up support from the Orks, like those below:


From: silhouette@asis.com    Add to Address Book
Subject: Sweet Victory
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 19:41:04 +0000

From the Alliance for Ethical Business (AEB) List serve:

The funcion of the AEB will not go away. Despite our wonderful victory,
the Good Ole boys are not going to disappear. They will lame-duck
Gallegos and it's up to us to relentlessly monitor and dog these
corrupt thugs all the way from beat cops up to Dikeman in Paul's office. In a
sense, our work has just begun.

The dummies brought this on themselves. Talk about putting all their
eggs in one basket. What a mess! What was just sound speculation has
now been represented as fact in the media. Yes, the cops are bad. And
if they're not bad themselves they fear ousting from their "leaders"
should they take a stand for the good. This is a serious serious
matter. It's up to us to citizen monitor them and free Gallegos to
carry on his promise to uphold the law equally.

Good work everybody. Relax, pat yourselves on the back; stretch and
get ready for round three...the "lame-ducking" of Paul.

Victory is won in inches not in miles. Celebrate every inch of the process.

Jennifer in Trinidad



silhouette@asis.com    Add to Address Book
Subject: Time to get real
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 17:14:14 +0000

From the Alliance for Ethical Business (AEB) List serve:
I read with tongue in cheek this AM in the TS about how the cops want
everything to go back to "normalcy" and "professionalism". I also note
that the editor wishes this is so. Here too in our listing I notice
people who wish this as well. How quickly we revert to passivity when
the dust settles temporarily in our favor.

I can assure you, as I did Paul in the very beginning, that the issue
of rank high-ranking cops and their political allies aren't going to go
away. They are VEHEMENT that they will take their power back. There
is way more going on with them behind the scenes that involves
racketeering. Racketeers NEVER simply give up their trades and
alliances, nor powerholds, simply by losing an election.

I personally will never forget the cops rallying against our DA,
especially because our DA stands and stood for equal justice. If that
doesn't rile you to your foundation, you don't belong in the USA. 

These cops are bad. They're not going to stop representing
totalitarianism just because we wish it, or because we won this round. 
They need to be monitored. It is a campaign we must fight as
vigorously as we did for Paul's retention. Because the battle is only half won. 
They can and will lame-duck his authority. Until Paul is rubbing
elbows with their kind at the Ingomar Club, the Scotia Inn and out in those
huge private no-fly zone hunting ranches out east; they will not rest
their cause of usurping him. 

The AEB's function must be to organize a citizen's watch group against
their continued momentum to corrupt our government. Yes, the lawn
looks nice with all the dandelion tops mowed off. But it will only stay that
way if we meticulously pry out all the root parts in the coming months/years ahead.
I'm so sick of the corruption in this County that I want it to look like a friggin putting green.

Jennifer in Trinidad


  1. Jennifer from Trinidad is off her meds.

  2. Does Jennifer in Trinidad really exist?

    Wow, I was surprised by all the anti cop stuff. Some seem to be really really angry that the cops opposed Gallegos. And anyone with the ability to reason knows that the cops opposed Gallegos because he was at best an ineffective DA.

    "Jennifer" talks about thugs, corruption, and all this cop hate but doesn't give even one example.

    It's a conspiracy, the cops and the good ole boys want do evil stuff. But what is that stuff?

    If there is a Jennifer from Trinidad, and she really wrote that ........... no medication is going to help her.

    I'm amazed at the hate towards cops. I don't know where it comes from, at least locally.

    thanks for the information Rose.

  3. Rose is there one specific incident with the cops that set Miller off or had he just always hated them? Is it just EPD?

  4. I don't know. Maybe someone who does will comment here, or email me.

    Or you can ask the 215 doc on his KHSU radio appearance.

  5. You always have to remember that, contrary to the spin, Paul gallegos was known to the law enforcement community prior to his running for DA.

    His behavior, his skill level - or lack thereof - his character, were all known. Including his exploits in Del Norte County.

    Then, when the drive-by shootings happened in Eureka, he didn't wait for the final police investigative reports, he filed minimal charges, rather than the stiffer charges that might have been warranted.

    And that wasn't all. That is why law enforcemtn opposed him.

    He chose to be an adversary of theirs, saying early on that he viewed his job as "policing the police' - not working with them as any DA across the nation does, and must do.

    It is very sad.

  6. There is something in the shadows that this group is hiding, something illegal. There must be or they would not want to control or discredit the police so much.

    This woman (Jennifer) talking about our DA standing for "equal justice", wow. Lucky for everyone our DA is continuing to show his true colors.

    My favorite "These cops are bad". And what do they do that is bad ? "they're not going to stop representing totalitainaism". OK, that clarifies things ?

    If they are going to attack all cops you think they could come up with an incident or series of incidents of things they have done or are doing wrong. Something. The attacks on the cops are so very empty, so general.

    Now I see why this Cheri Moore thing is so important to them. They are desperate to get something on the cops, to discredit them.

    So you have Dr. Ken, the Watershed dude, researching and contacting an "expert" to back his gang's agenda. Then he gets his buddy Ira Blatt, an attorney that is none too fond of cops, to get this NAMI group to back Dr. Ken's play. The NAMI folks could be OK, just duped?

    Maybe someone can do some research on Dr. Miller. Why he is no longer a working doctor, and I don't mean selling 215 marijuana recomendations?

    Anyway your blog is an interesting read and caused me to do some follow up on my own. Maybe someone should or could request the IRS check out the non profit status, and record keeping, of these little groups ? Local Solutions. Alliance or Ethical Business, and so on. Follow the money.

    Oh well just some thoughts.

    Thanks for posting the info.


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