Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gallegos Spin Doctors In Action...

You knew it was coming. And you knew it would be in the Times Standard. link

And in the Eureka Reporter, Cardoza's letter and an editorial commentary

Now you are supposed to believe that Max Cardoza routinely gathers up and dismisses NINE felonies in one fell swoop without any input from either District Attorney Paul Gallegos or Assistant District Attorney Wes Keat.

I'm not sure which is worse, it being because of a bribe, or it being a matter of course.

Regardless, if this were the case, Gallegos would have said he had nothing to do with it when first contacted, would have said that he recused himself, and the matter would have been ended. Doesn't add up.

Apparently there is a letter recusing Paul from the Bowman case, put in the file (not the court file) AFTER the fact, on July 24th (the dismissals all happened on July 19th.) Doesn't add up. Or maybe it does.

You're still left with $11,100 and a publicity stunt given to Paul Gallegos, and Bowman getting out from under all charges against him, free to return to his job as Bear River Casino surveillance (security).

That's Paul Gallegos making our communites safer.

Sorry, I am not buying it.

UPDATE: 11/18/2006
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  1. Not much will surprise me in HC politics anymore!

  2. No matter what anyone may say, the whole Bowman/DA incident smells. It just looks bad. If nothing else it give the appearance of a serious conflict of interest or even corruption. And that appearance is what fires people up.

    It hasn't been that long since the DA was busted two days in a row in the local rags for his blatant plagiarism. The DA's credibility was in the toilet before yesteredays article in the Eureka Reporter.

  3. Where's the picture you were trying to use, Rose?

  4. I do not believe Cardoza is corrupt. But he may have just signed his own pink slip - to quote Salzman hatchetman Jamie Flower - he has opened the door for paul to fire him, claiming that he has finally cleaned house of all the Farmer hold-outs who were cutting all these deals. It is very very sad.

  5. There is still Maggie Flemming and Wes Keat. But it is very very sad.

  6. Cardoza is not corrupt. He is lazy and very full of himself (I have no idea why!) Did I say lazy? I meant very very lazy.

    But now that he's publicly sucked up to the boss he may even make it to retirement?

  7. The DDA's in that office are extremely overburdened. the office is at half staff, the veteran prosecutors are all but gone. Only a few are left to carry the load. Max is one of them.

    But even with all the plea bargains from, the idea that any veteran DDA would let someone with a record like this go free on all those felonies is unbelievable.

    A veteran prosecutor like Max Cardoza would recognize the danger to the community a persojn like that represents. A repeat offender. Highly likely to do it again, and maybe worse given his family history.

    It stinks. It doesn't add up.

  8. Well most in the courthouse know that Cardoza is not a ball of fire. Kind of reminds me of a phrase "retired on active duty".

    But you are so right. A guy with this kind of history should not be the one getting the sweet deal. I would bet if you tracked Hugo's workload you would really be appauled.


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