Saturday, September 30, 2006

This one speaks for itself...

How dare the Eureka Reporter question Paul Gallegos?
I just don't believe this.

UPDATE: 11/18/2006
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  1. Yup, comparing the donation of $10,000 to the DA's re-election compaign, during a heated election, to a donation to the Loleta VFD is pretty lame. But since they brought it up, how much did they give to the Loleta VFD? And gee whiz it's just a coincidence that Mr. Bowman just happended to be on the tribal council? With the $10,000 "donation" and his wife's courthouse protest against Dikeman right before the election they got some revenge (against Dikeman) for putting #1 son in jail, and some insurance for the #2 son. But with the current DA's office you don't need much insurance, at least not with Deputy DA Jeff Swartz on the job.

  2. I agree; Callahan's letter was unbelievable. I take great offense to her concluding that all kids these days just tolerate their elders and go on to do whatever the heck they want to do. Not so with our sons; they listened to us and you know what? They have stayed on the right side of the law. Does Callahan really believe that her experience is the norm? In case SHE hasn't noticed, there are parents out there who actually PARENTING, and the results are truly amazing: kids who stay out of trouble!!! As a parent, I was truly appalled by her comments. She just so happens to be Bowman's aunt; no bias there, right?

  3. This Callahan is a real peach. Her nasty comments about the jouralnist, Muller, are just mean and without merit. Makes me think of the phrase "vicious bitch".

    But the Eureka Reporter printed it, the letter. Do you think the Times Standard would print someting similar about one of their reporters? NOT !

    Maybe Ms. Callahan should get a job as a journalist so she could do the job right? Maybe someone should critique her job performance in a letter to the editor? That is if she has a job. But that wouldn't be fair or right because she's not a public figure.

    The comments about some people don't have criminal records just because they haven't been caught. Well that is very true. I wonder how many people on PG's donation list fall under that catagory?

  4. I wonder if PG falls into that catagory? My guess is best left to myself. Like Ms. Callahan's should have been. She also needs someone to proof read her work prior to submitting it the the paper. I like anon.2:47 cannot belive that one would be so back woods stupid as to think that everyone goes out and breaks the law behind their parents backs. I think the Bowman clan should quit while their ahead.

  5. Good work ER & Rose. You guys (ladies) keep up the good investigative work. Back 'em into the corner and bring on the rope a dope!!!

  6. go Rose Go

  7. Illene "June" Callahan is the self described "matriarch" of the Bowman clan. She is Leonard's aunt and in our Heartlands experience with Bear River she is her nephew's mentor and protector. Now she's coming to his rescue and hoping those outside the tribe buy into her presenting herself as speaking for the whole tribe.

    The more the Bowmans are exposed the more they call in for back up trying to divert attention by trying to discredit the messengers of Bear River corruption.

    One time last year or the year before June tried her throw her weight around in my direction telling me my friend and Heartlands partner, Don "Sparky" Brenard had to listen to her opinions because she was and elder and the "matriarch" of the Bowman/Brenard families. I told I too am an elder but not a member of either family so whatever her opinions were about Sparky they weren't relevant to mine and had no bearing on my relationship to Sparky. We haven't talked since of course..

  8. No one is going to buy into that bs accusing the reporter of unrequited love for gallegos. THAT is hysterical.

  9. I thought Illene Callahan's letter was pretty good.

    "Most women who go on a vendetta against a male public person are either jealous or envious of their wives, girlfriends, etc. Everyone is aware of the old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    That's your problem, isn't it Rose?

  10. Ph yeah she's a sweet lady Ms. Callahan. Isn't Callahan Irish?

    I've heard that the Bear River Casino has fired all security personnel with a law enforcement background, retired and former cops. Then I hear (rumor) that most of the security workers at Bear River have criminal records, some are felons. Blue Lake Casino is not like that. I can see why the Bowman family might need, or want, a "special" relationship with the DA's office.

  11. HaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1o:34, I mean Richard!
    That's funny Richard!
    I figured those were your talking points, you've tried 'em before.
    Oh come on man, you can do better than that!

  12. More seriously, 10:35 - Apparently Bear River's background checks are not as rigorous as Blue Lake and CherAe. Whether it's legal or not for Casinos to employ felons is a very good question.

  13. Rose said...
    "HaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 1o:34, I mean Richard!
    That's funny Richard!
    I figured those were your talking points, you've tried 'em before."

    So it IS true!

  14. Why did Paul stand up Estelle last night?
    Is he afraid to answer HER questions?
    Come on, Richard, she throws softballs - marshmallows.

    You should get off the blog and get back to covering his ass.

    Oh - unfinished business - so is the Arcata Eye a hostile paper or a friendly paper? They're not an Arkley paper, and don't go all Warford on me again, it's ludicrous.

  15. Dick has something in common with Paul Gallegos! He has difficulty coming up with an original thought!
    Maybe you should go back for your GED Dick ?

  16. You must be in a world of hurt.
    How many hours have you been sitting here obsessing, Richard?

  17. You know - walk away. You don't have to keep defending the guy when he screws up. You don't have to keep attacking people to try to make it go away.
    He has let you down, BIG TIME.
    Cut your losses, man, walk away.

  18. You sound so sympathetic. Would you like to resume your relationship with Richard?

  19. Do the people you're working with have any idea that you are losing it this badly? Are you off your meds?

  20. It's funny, I thought you were better than that. You must really be desperate.Does Kerrigan know you are doing this?

  21. Is this like - a filibuster? To bore the crap out of my legions of readers?

  22. If you didn't like it you'd delete the comments, like you've done with others.

  23. No, this time I am leaving the record intact.

  24. That's good. I've seen other comments you deleted that were perfectly good, but they revealed things about you that you wanted to cover up. So they disappeared.

  25. It's ok. I have them all.. They come in in the form of email.

  26. Yes, but what good does that do your readers? They can't see your email.

  27. Wow Richard! How low can you go ? It's been mentioned before, there are medications that can help your problem. But first you have to admit your problem. Remember admission is the first step to cure. Be a man, take that first step. And it would probably be a good idea to stay away from the computer and maybe the local newspapers for at least a while. Think of your health.

    And think of everyone elses mental health, having to read your mindless rantings and drivel. It's so obvious to others when you're having an episode.

    I won't call you Dick anymore as it really seems to set you off.

  28. Richard has left the blog - but here's a question for him - from his post above, a quote from the matriarch's letter "Most women who go on a vendetta against a male public person are either jealous or envious of their wives, girlfriends, etc. Everyone is aware of the old adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
    and his taunt - That's your problem, isn't it Rose?

    Well - turn it around Richard - if that is truly your theory of life - what does it say about Cindy Sheehan and Allison Sterling-Nichols?

    Is this the brave new world your progressive politics bring to us? How dare a woman ask a question of your man?

    Bring out the burkhas, And all hail

  29. I was sent a photo of Cindy Sheehan with Edi Amin Dada President for Life Hugo Chavez. She must be really pleased with herself on that one.

    Hope Ms. Nichols enjoys her time with Cindy.


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