Saturday, September 09, 2006

Who wrote Gallegos' apology?

The spin doctors are at work. In today's Times Standard, Gallegos apparently submitted a written apology for his plagiarized My Word. It is so markedly different (read coherent), you have to ask, WHO WROTE THAT FOR HIM?


  1. I have considered the possibility that Richard penned the offending piece and Paul did not want to admit that. The apology piece actually sounds like Paul but the "my word" did not.

  2. Notice how he half-apologized, half-admitted ripping off someone else's work?

  3. Richard Salzman is far more literate, and articulate, and his writing is always, as far as I can tell, original and very pointed. He has written many letters (as we know) and opinion pieces, they are always very tightly crafted.

    Gallegos, quite the opposite.

  4. Maybe richard told paul what to do and paul wrote it in his own words?

    Whatever happened Paul had to do what rickie, kenny, and mikie told him to. In case some of you might not know those three are the ones that really run the DA's office because they run paul.

  5. Even the most diehard Gallagans have to be asking themselves what's going on with that guy.

  6. HA!

    I asked the same question on my blog, but took it a step futher. I also wonder if this letter was written on the taxpayer's time.

  7. Poor Gags, I know what he feels like.

    Back in college I had inadvertently placed my penis inside my girlfriend's vagina.

    So you know, I was very embarrassed to learn that she became pregnant.

    And this guy is one of our moral leaders of the community?

  8. Good question, anon.r. But that assumes he wrote it. Better to ask if all the strategizing behind it went on on taxpayers time - how many phone calls to Salzman?


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