Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Something to consider

"As Humboldt’s progressive community looks ahead, Salzman and other campaign leaders are fleshing out a Humboldt-specific strategy for sustainable economic development and crime prevention—the intellectual ground on which Gallegos and other politicians can stand to articulate a new politics grounded in old values."

That is how Michael Shellenberger characterizes Richard Salzman, Ken Miller and Local Solutions' plan for Humboldt County.

Really, Michael? Sustainable economic development? Meaning what?

Crime prevention? Oh that is funny, given that Paul Gallegos' top hire, Tim Stoen only handled two cases, politically motivated cases, and lost them both. Even funnier, considering he was replaced with Jeffrey '' Schwartz who has tried one case int he year that he has been here, and that one resulted in a hung jury - the rest have all been plea bargained away - including the Whitethorn rape case. Not so funny when you realize what a piss poor job Paul Gallegos is doing as D.A.

And as for the "intellectual ground" and "old values," I'd like to know where lying to reporters, to the public, and plagiarism come in.

As Salzman seeks to influence Eureka City Council and County Supervisor elections, voters need to consider what the future holds if you hand the power over to him and his cohorts.


  1. Why don't you make up with Salzman, Rose, and start working with him? You're really on the same side, you know.

  2. 7:21PM ....... are you trying to be funny, glib, or are you just stupid?

  3. What does a DA do with an DDA whom was voted narcodics prosecuter of the year? Fire him!!!!! Now does that show competence or insanity, on behalf of our DA? I'm loving it at this point. The clown DA is jumping off the cliff on his own free will. Let's just hope he takes Salzman, Miller and the rest of the conartists with him!! Can't wait for Paul to go to jail.

  4. I see that none of the usual suspects have much (anything) to say about Worth Dikeman's Prosecutor of the Year award for northern California by the California narcotics officers association!?

    Gallegos' comments to the T/S were heartwarming. How come Gaggegos didn't give an interview to the E/R?

    Oh well

  5. I'm happy to see these clowns content with wasting their time coming up with a "plan" for Humboldt County. Anybody with 1/2 a brain on their side, should be figuring out how to keep Paulie outta jail, over the next 6 months. And how to save their candidates in the November election, because of Paulie's arrogance and incompetence. Its great to see the regressives in a position, where they're screwed either way. If they continue to back Paulie, they too will look incompetent for backing him in the 1st place,when the axe finally falls. If they jettison Paulie now, to save their sorry asses, why would the electorate listen to them regarding their endorsements in the November elections, since the regressives have lied to the electorate about Paulie since the beginning. I'm still loving watching these clowns implode, because of their lies, deceipt, arrogance and incompetence. And they're coming up with a plan for Humboldt County and all of us to live by? They can kiss my ASS!!!!! Roy


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