Friday, September 29, 2006

The Fox Guarding the Henhouse?

Any complaint against a tribal gaming operation must first be reported to the tribal gaming commission. The contact information for the gaming commission is:

Michael Acosta
Executive Director
Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria
27 Bear River Drive
Loleta, CA 95551

Looks like another recusal is in order.


  1. Or you could just skip that step and go directly to the California Department of Justice Divsion of Gaming Control in Sacramento!

    Isn't Acosta the lawyer for a bunch, or at least a couple, of the PL treesitters? An interesting practice he has.

  2. Are there any local history buffs out there? History as in back to the late 40' to early 50's?

    I just thought of something. Several years ago I had a conversation with a semi-retired guy that used to own, or run, the Club Deluxe in downtown Eureka. I'm not old enough to remember it,the club deluxe, but I have heard of it. This guy told me of how Old Town used to be in the hey day of logging with all the loggers coming to town on weekends to drink and carry on. He talked about all the houses of prostitution and how back then the prostitutes where not all drug addicts and it was more respectible, off the streets. During this conversation I was told that former governor Edmund P. Brown was the Attorney General in 1950. I was told that when he first ran for governor one of his campaign promises was to "clean up" Eureka. And clean up meant from the houses of prostitution, the local police and government corruption. Does anyone know if this is somewhat accurate?

    It is kind of ironic as "Pat" Brown's son (Moonbeam) is running for Attorney General!

  3. Does the Bear River Casino have prostitution yet?

  4. This morning's ER article was great. Between Paul, Wes and Max I can't believe the amount of lies, side-stepping and back-peddling. I used to have alot of respect for Max; now I'm disappointed. The San Francisco AG has no record of Wes calling; why lie about that when it is so easy to be caught? And what good is it for Paul to recuse himself 5 days AFTER Bowman's sentencing? Then to say he didn't know sentencing had occured?!! Just how stupid does Paul think we are? He's slipping up more and more.

  5. Max does not lie.
    Wes does not lie.

    The SF AG's office should not be taken as a model of bureaucratic
    efficiency in terms of "did someone take a call'.

  6. which is why Wes should have made sure there was a paper trail, an email, a fax, something


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