Sunday, September 17, 2006

What does a $10,000 donation to Paul Gallegos get you?

What does a $10,000 donation to Paul Gallegos get you when you have a second son in trouble with the law, with a case pending during the election?

A prosecutor recused? Even fired?

Probation? No trial?

UPDATE: 11/18/2006
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  1. tell me more !!

  2. Details will be added.

  3. It will probably get him probation. I heard that the Bowman's called Gallegos when he was out of state on vacation to get Dikeman off of the case and that PG was handling it personally. Seems pretty illegal to me.

  4. I too heard this. Makes you wonder how many people could reach the DA while he is out of state on vacation ? Makes you wonder how the parent of a suspect/criminal could contact the DA while he was on vacation (Hawaii) and get Dikeman pulled off the case.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks there's a good probability that it's a duck!

    Can you buy your own personal jusitce in Humboldt County ? Does this kind of stuff go on in other California counties?

  5. FYI, for those of you that appreciate Rose's work and information ...... tell a friend. Tell your friend to read everything from the start. It should open their eyes.

  6. Rose, in the Salzman post somebody asked you: "Do you know if Gallegos too is a supporter of Israel?"
    You said: "I don't really care about his opinion on international issues."

    Why not? Are you afraid to discuss the connection between Gallegos, Salzman and the Israeli lobby?

    You said: "I care about the fact that he [Gallegos] is not doing his job here, and worse, what I see as outright corruption."

    Don't you think Gallegos' outright corruption might have something to do with Salzman and his pro-Israel politics? Or is that potato too hot for you to touch?

  7. getting off the point a bit ?

    but let's hear more about gallegos's "outright corruption"!

  8. So - the criminals are buying their way out of trouble.

    There is a new "old boy" network now...the network of criminals who have taken power here.

    Wasn't the Bowman guy part of a drive by shooting not long ago and got a deal. Wasn't he also on felony probation for something else?

    Who is going to answer these questions?

  9. I'm sure there is more of this that goes on than one would imagine. I'm sure that some of it is just incompetence and/or inexperience.

    How many vacations a year does the DA take ? Mexico, Hawaii, Mexico and ? Great work if you can get it!

  10. This cannot be blamed on inexperience.

  11. "Don't you think Gallegos' outright corruption might have something to do with Salzman and his pro-Israel politics?

    "Or is that potato too hot for you to touch?"

    Apparently it is!

  12. No, 2:28. I do not. Nice try though.

  13. What do you mean by "Nice try though"?

  14. 4:27 pm ........ let's hear more about the outright corruption !

  15. What do you mean by "Nice try though"?

    It means she's afraid to discuss the real moral corruption of people like Salzman, because Rose is afraid of the power of the Israeli lobby in this country.

  16. It simply means that this blog will stay on topic. If Salzman is pro-Israel, on that we would be in agreement.

    I might add that I was one of the few who liked Richard Salzman. He was very driven and intense. He pissed alot of people off on the campaign we worked on, and we were constantly having to convince friends and volunteers not to quit when they were put off by his bullying. I defended him. Only when I discovered the lies that were behind his actions did I write him off.

  17. "If Salzman is pro-Israel, on that we would be in agreement."

    Oh that explains why you're friendly with a pervert freak like Anon.R.mous. No wonder you instinctively liked Salzman at first. You're an evil person too, Rose.

  18. Interesting thoughts from "anon 9:57 pm", completely whacko but interesting.

    Someone is trying to get you off topic Rose. Your information is too accurate and too much on point!

    and anon.r.mous sometimes makes some good points, sometimes adds a touch of humor.

  19. Jerk postings about Rose's support for Israel--get a life. I am a good friend of Rose and as most readers of the E.R. and my blogs, I am most definitely not a supporter of Israel. My friendship with Rose rises above our political differences because she knows me to be honest and sincere in my beliefs just as I know her to be the same in hers.

  20. Thanks Steve Lewis. Rose has had nothing but good to say about you and your character. Although I don't always agree with your thoughts, you don't lie to get your point across. Thanks always for spirited dialoge. Roy

  21. pervert freak like Anon.R.mous.

    Sweet doggies! I'm a perverted freak!

    Oh wait, I'm not. Like everyone else seems to be able to get through their heads, you can agree with people on some items and not others. Is there some kind of contest to be 100% ultra left winger that I missed the memo about?

  22. The "Regressives" are for freedom of thought as long as you agree with them, freedom of expression as long as you say what they want you to say, and if you dare to have your own opinion or disagree with them, you will be vilified.

    In Salzman's world, people are defined by their party affiliation, and allegiance to the party is paramount. A Democrat dare not be friends with a Republican, and sitting with them at a social function is reason to alert the media with howls about the "Good Old Boy NetworK" thrown in to stir up the Orks.

    Here, you are either a member of the Cult of Paul or you will be smeared with names like "conspiracy theorist" (that's me) and "disgruntled ex-employee" - or the most dreaded of all - "Republican stalking horse."

  23. In Salzman's world, people are defined by their party affiliation, and allegiance to the party is paramount.

    False. Allegiance to principle is paramount. The fact that you don't honestly take your own "principles" seriously is reflected in the tawdry company you keep.

  24. Principle, eh. How does plagiarism and lying to the press fit into this picture?

    You know it is funny, but I do believe for you it is the principle of the thing that matters above all else. The end justifies the means.

    But Paul? Must be a serious disappointment to you.

  25. Hey, Richard, speaking of principles and/or lack thereof, what do you think about Leftie Progs like you who support Zionism and Israel getting creamed lately by Leftie Progs who support the Pals and think Israel sucks?

    Kinda hard to rally the troops around that one, eh?

    The prognosis for Progs doesn't look good..

  26. I just read the ER on line for today ! Looks like $10,000 buys quite a lot !!!

  27. To whom can our District Attorney turn for an excuse which can be copied and pasted?


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