Friday, September 22, 2006

An Utter Lack of Vision

"Some people, and this may sound sick to you or I, but some people actually molest out of different feelings, some times out of feelings of love.”

In an interview with the Eureka Reporter, Gallegos seeks to explain the decline in the prosecution of child abusers...

His rambling answers run the gamut:

""When asked about declining prosecution rates earlier this week, Gallegos said, “As for a decline in prosecutions, if there are declining prosecutions, that’s because there are declining cases. If there are declining cases, we have certainly looked into that."

“... We broke it down and looked at the numbers and saw that where the decrease has been is in the stranger offenders,” he said. “So the next question is why, and we don’t have a good answer for that yet. The theory in my head, even though we don’t have enough data yet, but it’s probably public education and education of parents.

“It may have a certain amount to do with Jessica’s Law, to do with notification. A certain amount is probably the general neurosis or fear in society about law officers because they get so much air time because people are less certain about the safety of their kids these days.

“My suspicion,” he continued, “even though we don’t have enough data, is that there is self-policing activity on the part of individuals that is probably reducing the stranger (cases). Most of your repeat offenders are your stranger offenders. … The data that we get, that we see is that most familiar offenders — those are the people less likely to re-offend — there is a whole dynamic involved in that, but it’s the stranger (on child) that is the most recidivistic. … Some people, and this may sound sick to you or I, but some people actually molest out of different feelings, some times out of feelings of love.”

His rambling comments were also heard on KINS Talk Shop where he opined that much child abuse is the "intrafamilial offender" and that they "don't tend to be re-offenders."

That must be reassuring to the siblings of abuse victims.

The Eureka Reporter article stated that "Based upon documentation obtained by The Eureka Reporter, the number of cases being referred to CAST from law enforcement agencies has not dramatically dropped off, but the number of cases accepted by the DA’s Office and the number of cases filed by the office have seen dramatic declines.

For example, based upon the documents’ first-quarter figures for 2006, there were four cases accepted by the DA’s Office — gleaned from 40 CAST interviews. Of those four cases, one was filed, two cases were rejected and one case has been received and was pending a filing decision at the end of the first quarter"

"“The decline in (child abuse) cases filed can be attributed to Paul’s lack of leadership and expertise,” (Allison) Jackson said. “This is not the attorneys; this is Paul. It is Paul’s utter lack of vision.”

"“Something is happening at the center and something is happening in the DA’s Office,” she said. “There is a huge problem here. This looks like an utter system breakdown — irrespective of the fact that you have great people, and they are some of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met who work in this field.”

“When you have 40 interviews going in (through the first three months of this year), and you extrapolate that out for the year, you are looking at about the same number of cases (being brought in by law enforcement), but you sure don’t have the same number coming out and the same number filed. Paul runs the program and he runs that office in name only.

“This all comes back to priorities. It’s not just incompetence, but it’s also an utter lack of priorities. These statistics are directly attributable solely and absolutely to Paul Gallegos. They are not attributable to anyone else. … This program used to work. ... These children aren’t slipping through the cracks. These children have been marched up to the Grand Canyon and kicked off. There is a huge difference when you only have one case that is prosecutable (through the first three months of this year).”

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  1. I cannot believe this man is still heading up the DA's office. What a liar, a cheat, a power-monger and really STUPID man! He has to be pulled out of there. I really don't want to live in this area if this man is allowed to prostitute the office of the DA's office AND bring into it all of the special interest groups that placed him there with their regressive agendas to begin with. What can we do?


    Do it here. Write letters to the editor.

    Letters to the editor:
    "TS Charles Winkler";
    "ER Glenn Franco Simmons";
    "NCJ North Coast Journal";
    "McKinleyville Press";
    "Arcata Eye";
    "Humboldt Advocate";
    "Ferndale Enterprise";
    "The Independent";
    "HSU Lumberjack";
    "Hoopa Valley Reporter";
    "The Daily Triplicate";

  3. Timber yes, Fraud no. Children, who cares about their welfare? Animals and dope growers, who cares? The only thing that matters to this POS is his handlers. Let's take a really brief look: Richard Salzman, AKA, AKA, AKA, liar extrodinaire, Dr. "Quack" Ken Miller, you'll remember this bozo by the fact that he got our crooked DA to file a lawsuit against PL that cost this community hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to say anything about the devisiveness it created within our communities. I won't mention the fact that he hates law enforcement and his involvement and demands regarding the coroner's inquest, looking for evidence to hang law enforcement. And then Paulie brought in Tim "I left my young son to die in Guyana" Stoen, you know the guy. Should I mention that Tim Stoen had a homosexual affair with non other than Jim Jones. Only Jim got the better of Tim. Now we'll move onto Michael Shellenberger. He's been a big help to the regressives supporting Paulie. Problem is, he's worked under contract for the dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. You know the guy who is trying to undermine the US of A, here in our own country at the UN meeting. I'm getting very hateful that our Humboldt County DA would even associate with this "TRASH". "You are whom you surround yourself with". Roy

  4. Correction:

    New Editor at Times Standard
    Rich Sommerville
    email is probably

  5. Public notice:

    I've shut down my forum site as of today.

    for two reasons:

    One: I have a serious software problem on my forum that happens whenever anyone posts--their taken to a 404 "can't find page" as soon as they post to a topic. Have to use the "refresh" button to get back to the forum site. A stone drag that I've been trying to get the forum software people to help me correct for days now.

    But even if I get that problem solved going from blog spot to forum hasn't stopped the same problem I had, Fred has, Eric has, all bloggers have around here, of idiot sound-bite brainless twit bloggers that seem to have nothing more to do than plague blog-spots and forums in order to play their dumb juvenile schoolyard put-down games.

    Who needs anymore of that? I don't. It's a shame these dodos wreck decent dialogue venues but they do and I just don't have the patience to deal with them like Fred or Eric.

  6. Rose said...


    The problem with that is that I don't trust Salzman or Gallego. I remember when the recall happened, and the phone tree started up, I told them never to call me and two days after I started getting letters in the mail and a couple of phonecalls a day from them. Then Salzman posted on the website how they didn't call people and didn't have enough money to mail things out to people.

    Funny, I still have the letter.

  7. I know. many people fear repercussions, first from Stoen, then from Salzman, then from Gallegos.

    With Salzman it is character assassination and denigration - with terms like "Good Old Boy NetworK and "disgruntled ex-employee," right wing extremist" - and so far these tactics have worked. The Times Standard reporters merrily adopt his terms, and the damage is done, a person's reputation smeared across the county for no reason other than they dared to criticize Paul.

    When the Debi August case came down, many who might have spoken out saw the writing on the wall. The message was loud and clear. It was very effective, because anyone who pointed that out was laughed at.

    And you are correct - whatever Salzman says, the opposite is true. Timber Yes, Fraud No - while he is taking people's money pretending it is for one thing when it is for something quite different... Justice For All - the opposite is true... it goes on and on.

    Same with Gallegos - "Certainly we are 100% committed to CAST..."

  8. Richard Salzman9/24/2006 6:03 AM

    Rose said...
    whatever Salzman says, the opposite is true.

    Rose is a wonderful woman of the highest integrity.

    Richard Salman and other email phonies

  10. Rose, you're right on, look at his response. He played into your hands. Rather than watch your blog, he should be figuring out how to keep Pablo outta trouble. Speaking of trouble, by the end of the week I'll have some great details on our colorful DA. Stay tuned. Roy

  11. Wow, Rose, I can't believe how self-effacing you are!

    You say "whatever Salzman says, the opposite is true", and then Salzman says "Rose is a wonderful woman of the highest integrity", and you stick to your guns and insist he's a liar!

    Incredible! Not many people would make a kamikaze response like that!

  12. I'll look forward to hearing from you, Roy. I assume it is documentable?

  13. "Some people, and this may sound sick to you or I, but some people actually molest out of different feelings, some times out of feelings of love.”

    When I read this quote in the paper I thought uh oh that sounds like a cry for help. Many professionals believe that adults in denial of child abuse were once abused themselves.

    If this is true of Paul it would be difficult for anyone in his position to perform the required duties fully and forcefully because as an abused child and probably without continued emotional support he would still be that child.

    Enter the parent, Richard Salzmann. Protector, dragon slayer, indefatigable blogger.


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