Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Did Kay Rackauckas TELL THE TRUTH?

That name, Kay Rackauckas. It has a familiar ring to it.
(see post below CRITICIZING THE DA)


The lovely Kay Rackauckas weighed in on our recent election. In this letter to the Editor the "missing" wife who was "vacationing in Trinidad" (visiting Salzman? one might ask.) stated that Paul Gallegos had "devoted the lion’s share of his resources to staffing this (CAST) position" BECAUSE "Mr. Gallegos has one prosecutor assigned to this position at all times. Before Mr. Gallegos’ tenure, the previous District Attorney had two part-time deputy district attorneys assigned to it."

"Orange County," she claimed, "which has one of the finest CAST programs in the nation, also has just one deputy district attorney assigned to the CAST position — in a county of over three million people."

Just one. Kay? Really? Wow.

Then she says "Mr. Gallegos is obviously devoted to vigorous prosecution of child molestation cases, and is devoting major resources to the task. Because of his dedication and effectiveness in prosecuting child molesters, my husband and I wholeheartedly endorse him for re-election." Now there's an endorsement that should count.

The truth?

Kay Rackauckas lied thru her teeth in that letter to the editor. That office has 26 dda's that handle child abuse cases. It has 1 dda that conducts interviews.

Christine Smith, MSW, Program Manager
Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) Bld#140
1337 Braden Court, Orange, Ca 92863

There are 15 sexual assault DA's and 10 Physical abuse DA's. CAST has 1 DA assigned full time to observe every CAST Interview. CAST is primarily for sexual abuse cases; however it is occasionally used for severe physical abuse and witness to a crime.

This didn't make the paper.

Update: Related information:
[PDF] OC Grand Jury Report
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aware that his wife, Kay Rackauckas, a deputy district attorney, ... Kay Rackauckas in turn would discuss District Attorney Office matters with the senior ...


  1. Early Morning reading for you Rose!

    Contribution made because Gallegos was the better of the two
    by Michael P. Acosta, 9/28/2006

    Although flattered by the assertion that Bear River and I wield tremendous influence over the DA’s Office, I’m sorry to reveal that many of my acquaintances and social service clients continue to be prosecuted by District Attorney Paul Gallegos.

    Heather Muller’s theories of influence don’t hold water by a cursory chronological examination.

    My individual donation of $1,000 to the Friends of Paul Gallegos was made at the Mateel during the Wailers show on Feb. 11, 2006, long before Bear River considered donating to Paul’s campaign in May and before anyone knew that Derek Bowman would be charged with several crimes this summer.

    Lacking this chronology, and relying on 1) Troy Garey’s speculative and multiple hearsay police report (which has somehow lost its consumer protection) and 2) a typical letter of support that I wrote to the probation department during the sentencing phase of Derek’s case, Muller concludes that the district attorney can be bought for a mere $1,000 by an individual, with the corporate rate being $10,000. If that was true, everyone would be doing it!

    But seriously, Muller’s theory overlooks the letter of support written by our drug counselor Bear Marler (which was also submitted on Bear River letterhead), the talent of Derek’s respected defense attorney Glen Brown and the fact that the Honorable Judge Timothy Cissna still could have shipped Derek off to prison if he chose to do so.

    Derek Bowman was not given special treatment by the justice system.

    The reality is that the last tribal member I wrote a letter to the DA about professing innocence also ended up being prosecuted.

    In fact, Paul has never really cut me any good deals for my clients. He even made me fight to clear Ramsey Noah Gifford’s good name. And I thought that his early position on Kat Zimmerman’s case was draconian.

    Nonetheless, I contributed to his campaign because I believed, like many others, that he was the better of two qualified colleagues at this point.

    So, I will unapologetically continue to advocate for the tribal members of Bear River, my gracious employer, as I have for four years now, despite Ms. Muller’s opinion that the dastardly exercise of my First Amendment right to contribute to an elected official’s campaign dictates that I should stop practicing law for my clients.

    (Editor’s note: Acosta’s letter is inaccurate on several points. The article to which he refers proposes no theory of wrongdoing, makes no statement about the power he or the tribe does or does not wield over the DA’s Office, draws no conclusions and contains no opinions. It is a compilation of facts contained in FPPC filings and court documents. And as to facts, Acosta is also incorrect on another point. Bear Marler’s letter could not factually be described as supportive. It stated only that Derek Bowman was enrolled in a program and contained no plea for reduced time or any of the other things Acosta’s letter contained. It was, like the story a statement of fact. It was not included in the news report for one reason: there is no record that Marler’s letter was either preceded or followed by a significant cash contribution to the DA’s campaign.)

  2. This didn't make the paper.

    What? You're saying the Eureka Reporter intentionally left this information out of a letter to the editor? Shame on them!

    ...the "missing" wife who was "vacationing in Trinidad" (visiting Salzman? one might ask.)

    Yes, one might ask! For, as you know better than anybody, everything that happens in Humboldt County involves Richard Salzman, one way or another. Better check the bushes in your backyard, and your basement too. He's probably there, somewhere.

  3. Hey Rose it would appear as if you've got the regresso's obsessed with your blog. They are concerned. They are worried. The truth hurts. Good work.

  4. Isn't it funny? A coincidence? Fortunate for the Gallegos Campaign that Kay Rackauckas, the missing Orange County DA's wife, just happened to be in Trinidad during the election and just happened to read the paper and just happened to give her insight on the CAST program, and her support to Gallegos? Gee whiz what a coincidence!

    I read the articles from OC on her and her husband! Wow. If you (Rose) wouldn't have posted the information I never would have known. Maybe it is bigger than you can possibly imagine.

    It looks like the Eureka Reporter is in some pretty good company.

  5. Gee, no response from Dickie on that one?

  6. The Law Offices of Kay Rackauckas also gave a rather substantial donation to Gallegos' re-election campaign, along with other non-local attorneys.


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