Friday, September 29, 2006

Just imagine...

"Numerous requests for comment on the original story were made to Gallegos, whose campaign received the contribution. Messages were left at his direct office phone line, at the general phone line at the DA’s Office, at his cell phone number and at his e-mail address. Instead of answering specific questions forwarded to him by e-mail after he declined to speak directly, Gallegos sent an e-mail message that stated only the following: “This office operates without fear or favor.”"

Imagine if Frank Jager or Chief Douglas had responded this way to questions about the Cheri Moore tragedy.

What would have happened? shouldn't Paul Gallegos be held to the same standard?


  1. It's not the same situation, at all. And the ER is, without doubt, a hostile newspaper. Gallegos is under no obligation to play along with their political harassment.

    "Imagine if Frank Jager or Chief Douglas had responded this way to questions about the Cheri Moore tragedy."

    What, you think Jager and Douglas were really open and forthcoming in response to questions about the Cheri Moore shooting?

  2. Which newspapers are "friendly"? The ones who don't ask questions? If the Times Standard had asked Paul the questions before he got his talking points, would the situation have been any different?

    Is the North Coast Journal a "hostile newspaper"?

    Is the Arcata Eye a "hostile newspaper"?

    Is the McKinleyville Press a "hostile newspaper"?

    Are you saying the Times Standard is a "friendly ally"?

  3. Not necessarily, it's just not Arkley's weapon, like the ER is.

  4. Oh 10:47 PM, is it the purple kool aid that gives you that blind allegence to Mr. G. ??

    If Coroner Jager would have pulled the same action Ken Miller (and others like Eric V. Kurt, et al) would have stroked out ranting and raving about a cover up! And you know it. You are such a loser! YOu would have been better off staying off the blog !

  5. You're delusional, Richard, 11:28

  6. You keep posting Dick and you keep sounding stupid. Should have graduated from H.S. !

  7. what ? no nasty response Dick ?

  8. Let's go one by one, Richard. Is the North Coast Journal hostile or friendly?
    Now don't go Warford on me. You know they aren't an Arkley paper.

  9. You know they are.

    The North Coast Journal is printed on the Arkleys' press, together with the ER. That's a very cozy relationship. Like the ER, the NCJ is Arkley's paper in everything but name.

  10. 7:15 AM, do you have any other conspiracy theories?

    Once again Arkely is behind everything bad. And everything the "progressives" and the ultra left don't approve of is bad! It's so much clearer to me now.

    It comes down to the truth. The events, as reported, by the ER were factual. What's wrong with the truth. And if Mr. G, our elected official, won't take the time to answer questions to the press that is what gets reported.

    And the one comment he makes, "this office operates without fear or favor" is another line taken from someone else. It would be nice if Mr. G. could actually have an original thought? Is he really capable of an original thought? The answer is no.

    Plagiarism equals FRAUD. Something we need to be reminded of every time Mr. G. speaks or issues a press release.

    Face it "lefties" and Humboprogresso's ...... the DA's office has serious problems. The moral in the DA's office is very low. The experience level at the DA's office is very low. The staffing level is very low. The DA, although elected, does not have much experience managing people or an office. The DA has tried to manipulate the press with his quotes and the "My Word" pieces in the TS, which ended up biting him on the ass and becoming a major embarassment, one that will never go away. Never.

    Yes Mr. G. was elected, yes he beat the recall, yes he was re-elected. But as a politician, an elected official, a public figure he is the the "public eye" and there will be lots of attention focused on him and the DA's office. And with his past poor judgement (the PL suit, the Debi August case, association with Richard Salzman, the hiring of Tim Stoen, the plagiarism, the Bowman issue,, and whatever) Mr. G. will continue to be questioned on his actions. After all he is an elected official and dispite what Salzman and friends think he does answer to the public. And that includes the part of the public that didn't vote for him.

    Just because Mr. G. got elected doesn't mean he gets a free walk! George W. Bush got elected twice and he gets questioned, second guessed, and crapped on all the time. Welcome to the world of politics.

    It's going to be a long long time until the next election. For the citizens of Humboldt County and for Mr. G.

    Thanks to Rose for her information and energy.

  11. Yeah, I'd say Rose is a heroine that maybe we should get addicted to for our own good. Did I say that?

  12. Did you say dat? You just amaze yourself sometimes, don't you Steve?

    Yeah, a "heroine" who supports Israeli war crimes.

  13. You're back. Did you get any sleep last night?


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