Sunday, September 24, 2006

What happened to Local Solutions?

Since the links to Salzman and Twombly were posted some time ago, Local Solutions and Twombly claim to have split up.

Is losing Salzman's Communications Director the reason Local Solutions isn't sending out e-mails through the listserve?

All of a sudden the e-mails are coming from Salzman's "Redwood Progressive."

Richard's Empire has shrunk considerably. Can it be that no one wants to be associated with him? Or have they just morphed into something new that has yet to surface? It's now just Richard and the aeb.


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Quite a change from the previous list (see previous posts):
Salzman's Empire
Two New Aliases for Richard "R Trent" Salzman
It's in the Headers

What are they trying to hide? Why can't they be straight with the voters they seek to influence?

switched again:
No longer alliance@oxide - now it is < >
Received: from
Received: from alliance by

Site5 Internet Solutions NETBLK-NET-D8766180-25
231 Market Place
Suite 180
San Ramon CA 94583
Open Letter from "Local Solutions"
"Local Solutions" sham
No connection?
Any doubt what "Local Solutions" agenda is?
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  1. "Or have they just morphed into something new that has yet to surface?"

    Beware the rippling waters of the Black Lagoon! Who knows what foul and heinous creatures lurk beneath the muck!

  2. Salzman's support is waning. He has been revealed to be a liar. More than half his stable has been removed from the list. He has to send out his own listserve messages, his supporters have dwindled to all but a few who spew out his increasingly ridiculous talking points, the candidates he is working with deny any association with him.

    I bet the artist's he supposedly represents wish he would spend a little time getting them jobs instead of putting all his efforts into covering up for Paul Gallegos.

    Maybe it is time to call a few of them.
    Doug Bowles
    Kristen Funkhouser
    Denise Hilton-Campbell
    Everett Pick
    Chris MacNeil
    Ed Ramirez
    Manuel Garcia
    Man One
    Greg Shed
    Nancy Gibson Nash
    Chris McAllister
    Walter Stuart
    Dirk Hagner
    Cap Pannell
    Debbie Tilley

    Let's find out how he really makes a living.

  3. Hey, Richard could represent me as an artist and he could help me earn big bucks to send to my Palestinian friends who sure could use it. Sounds like a plan to me..

  4. Funny. This is supposed to be an area with the highest per capita artists - have any local artists been approached by Salzman, offering to serve as their agent?

  5. Looks like Salzman is protecting himself from plagiarism charges:

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    3 hours
    Sent September 16th, 2006

    Clearly what happens in Eureka affects us all in Humboldt County. The current city council in Eureka has voted 4-1 to reject the funding for a public study intended to determine the "highest best" use for the balloon track property on Humboldt Bay. Sub...

    City Council candidates open hdqts. Sat. night
    Sent September 2nd, 2006

    Arts Alive Eureka Saturday September 2nd 6pm - 10pm The best party in Eureka this Arts Alive will be the grand opening of the dual campaign headquarters of Friends of Larry Glass and Friends of Nan Abrams, candidates for Eureka's 1st ward and 5th ward...

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  6. Greg Shed certainly does beautiful work.

  7. Salzman ............

    he does not own property in Humboldt County !

    Does he have kids that are growing up in Humboldt County? Don't think so.

    Does he have a business in Humboldt County? (one with a busniess license)?

    so why is he so obsessed with the politics of Humboldt County and being in control or at a minimum having a significant influence? All the Local Solutions, Alliance for Ethical Business, letters from R. Trent and who knows who else has got to eat up his time. WHAT DOES RICHARD GET OUT OF IT ALL ?? HOW DOES HE MAKE MONEY OFF THIS??

  8. Outside sources. National and international.

  9. It provides more fuel for Rose's neverending attack on liberals and anyone and anything connected with Richard Salzman and Paul Gallegos.

  10. My neverending attack on liberals?

    What? Hardly.

    Nope. I am merely posting the facts pertaining to one District Attorney who is using his position for his handlers political agenda at the expense of the people of Humboldt County.

    And I don't classify Salzman as liberal, or progressive. He and Shellenberger are new age con men.


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